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    Re: Professional membership required

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    Then cry ripoff to the plumber with the one page add, and his prices. If you want respect stop playing beat the depot price and raise your to what your top company in your area is charging
    I have 2, 1/2 page add`s and I charge the most out of everyone in our phone book. I do good work and make good money and I stay busy too When someone cry`s about price, I tell em they can do it if they want, thay always say "no way!".....rotflmao


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      Re: Professional membership required

      Originally posted by Crappy days View Post
      There will always be DIY whether we have a private forum or not. I actually like it when a DIY tries to fix something. I mean, half the time they just create more work for us anyhow. Besides I suppose we are all DIY in some ways.
      True, until you see a H.O. go in and ask how to install a water heater.
      Then you see a story in the news how a family of 4 died in their sleep, you wonder.
      I got a call a few weeks back from a H.O. that claimed his heater was existing...he had aluminum vents on it and there were melted holes in it.
      I really wanted to slap the guy, sorry if that sounds adverse, but he coulda killed his family.
      People have no idea what they're getting into and they look at us like we're just dumb grunts..."Heck, I'm a software engineer...this should be a snap."
      I've seen things like a 3/4" plug in a leaking relief valve on a boiler..."I went online...someone told me that would hold for the night".
      Might help if you knew it was a relief valve when you told "mr handyman" online there was a water leak. that off my chest...there, I think I feel better.