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How much do you make an hour?

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    Re: How much do you make an hour?

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    Actually I will be spending some time in Manhattan in November of this year. I may have to check out the plumbing industry in New York while I am there.

    Can't think of a better candidate for special ops


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      Re: How much do you make an hour?

      Well, I did warn you.

      That is Sylvan Tieger at his finest. I don't know how many years it has been, but Sylvan hasn't changed a bit.

      Perhaps I am a little guilty myself, I did goad him just a wee little bit.

      But hey, was I right or what?


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        Re: How much do you make an hour?


        It would be nice if you could stick around and contribute. We have a pretty well rounded group here and while we may not always agree we respect each others opinions.

        "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

        I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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          Re: How much do you make an hour?

          Nope, he cannot stay.

          He has to leave.

          He has to leave,Now.

          This is only for us,the arrogant,rude,obnoxious and unhelpfull plumbers.

          Chris,What do you like about plumbing,I am still trying to gain more confidence in the tankless W/H thing.Do you trust them?



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            Re: How much do you make an hour?

            Originally posted by freddy View Post
            Welcome Tieger Plumbing, Finally someone who brings this trade up to what the real cost are. You are not going to find many supporters on this forum. These folks claim to have pride in there trade, but shrink down to little babies
            when it come to holding a Quality price, for their learned trade. I guess they really feel that they are only as qualified as a handyman and therefore charge like one.
            I for one charge 215.00 for outside drain cleaning on 4" drain. And Yes I sleep very good at night with my prices. I hate to think at the wages these guy would pay for a extra plumber. If they every could find one for their slave wages. Most likely a rent a drunk. Freddy
            Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post

            I find it interesting that 16 months ago you were asking why the galvanized nipple you screwed into a copper adapter was corroding and today you are a plumber who charges $215 for outside drain cleaning on 4" drain.

            I expect even Aaron at 16-years old found it kind of funny you would ask such a silly question and still profess to be a plumber. Mixing of dissimilar metals is one of the first things most learn as a helper.

            Originally posted by drtyhands View Post

            You are a talker,a salesman,the nu breed of Bu!!shi$$ers that do not understand how plumbing is designed or works,but let the customers believe that you know what you are talking about.

            Sorry I missed the electrolisis issue.What's up with that PLUMMER freddy

            What's up with the lack of respect,PAL.

            I don't see anyone taking cold shots at anyone else as you have.

            You guys do a lot of hot talk with no back

            If you would like I can start giving you the attention you are hollering for.

            It is ugly and counterproductive here for me to throw the switch on your lame,But your not going to post something like that and not get popped.You threw a sucker punch.Not cool
            Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post

            I don’t want to make this personal but besides your trolling comments you have started seven threads on this site since you signed up. By reading the threads you have started and the questions you’ve asked I believe questioning your qualifications is reasonable.

            As for my experience I am more than willing to compare my qualifications to yours any time you would like. Don’t confuse my working as an Expert Witness for the last twenty years as a failure as a contractor. I guarantee you my hourly rates far exceed anything you will ever hope to see.

            guy's freddy is not even proud enough to list his occupation,location, years of experience, or anything except that he too is a money hungry hoard.

            interesting that when he first came on he was p.m. to get info on jetters. i guess in a year he has gone from looking for advise to giving us crap.

            i think him and sylvan have a few things in common. except freddy doesn't have the money to afford listing his occupation, age, location, or anything else about himself. in reality freddy doesn't exist except on this forum. maybe sylvan can take him under his big wings since the rest of us are getting tired of his b.s. too. they can drive off together. maybe he'll get picked up in sylvans fancy 120k. car.

            you two should really talk, you both really need each others support at this time. looks like the regulars are finally tired of you

            phoebe it is


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              Re: How much do you make an hour?

              What do I like about plumbing?

              What's not to like? Poop, crawling under houses, crawling under houses in poop. it's heaven.

              Do i trust tankless?


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                Re: How much do you make an hour?

                Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
                WOW more punches being thrown here than the 1st round of 'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler and Tommy 'The Hit Man" Hearns 1985 fight in Vegas.
                No kidding, dont know how I missed all of this!


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                  Re: How much do you make an hour?

                  ok guys.. time to move on. This one has run its course.