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    Re: What Works For You???

    From a consumer point of view, the *only* thing we ever keep from anyone (service people, mail order, unwanted junk mail, etc) is magnetic business cards. One whole side of the 'fridge is covered in them!


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      Re: What Works For You???

      Heavy magnets do keep your name up on the fridge. I don't believe I have used business because of a magnet though.

      Steve is right. Take a few extra minutes to educate the customer on the work that you have done or any future problems you may see in the future. Planting a bug in their ear about the age of the water heater or a noisey pump will get you a phone call when it does fail.

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        Re: What Works For You???

        Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
        happy customers are your best form of advertising. make them happy and ask them to spread your name. there's nothing wrong with free advertising.


        Rick, no need to post in this thread buddy, we know all about you already

        not what you expected is it robert
        Uh oh Robert...he gotcha!
        Rick, thats why I stated the "you might think I'm silly" part of my post.
        I've had guys crack at me with comments like : "Do you hug them before you leave too?", ironically these guys work for someone else and don't understand the concept at all.
        In the end, what matters is I get return calls from people not because I have a bright shiney uniform, or a fleet of colorful trucks.
        They call because in a pinch, they know I have their best interest in mind.
        Rick, your a hard one to interpret online, but I think I'm feeling might be nuts, but nuts in the right ways.