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    Thought I'd start a thread on how you market your business...

    Our company has been is business for over thirty years and most work is referral. Work of mouth is definitely the best advertisement out there.

    Our company is what I would say is a mid sized service business...we have 4 trucks and offer complete plumbing service including drain cleaning; we contract out our jet work at this time.

    The economy here is Michigan is the worst in the country and its a slow time of year so we are having trouble getting everybody their 40 hrs. With the big three(American auto makers) laying off and buying out employees in droves business is scarce and very competitive.

    The owner (I'm not the owner) doesn't believe in the yellow pages as they are so expensive and he has been able to get by to this point without them. Plus in our area there are multiple yellow page do you know which to advertise in...which one will customers keep, which one will get trashed? We have just hired a company to create a website (I'll post a link) and will be submitting that to the net search engines...I think this taking the place of the yellow books anyway.

    Another form of inexpensive advertising we have found is church papers. Good return on investment and quality (God fearing...LOL) clientèle.

    We've also dabbled with ads posted at country clubs/banquet halls, fitness clubs etc usually with minimal results.

    We recently handed out fliers door to door to a neighborhood with new city sewers being installed...response has been ok.

    Other opportunities have been advertising on coffee mugs in local restaurants and joining business networking groups (anybody had luck with these?)

    I'm just curious how you spend your marketing dollars, what is the best return on your investment, what amount (dollar or percentage) you spend on marketing.

    I'd love to be able to tell everyone here we are so busy we have to turn work away but that's just not the case in Michigan at this time.

    This is our site...very basic (our first effort) and still under construction. We try to come across as a sincere, honest company who builds relationships with customers rather than the one time gouge.

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    Re: Marketing

    Craigslist has done pretty well for me and it's free so it can't be beat. I used to think only financially strained people looked at craigslist. Looking at my invoice program, I've gotten more upscale customers from craigslist than the other way around.

    We've posted alot about this subject so look around and research the threads.

    Welcome to the forum
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Marketing

      youngsplumbing i know what you mean about the hardships in michigan my brother and cousin are slugging it out up there just like you guys, hang in there. as for us were lucky columbia is more insulated and therefore we dont feel all the crap {and its is crap} near as much but that is a whole other subject. as for your question weve been around a lot of years we get a lot of repeat as well as referrals, and yet we still have double full page advertising and we were the first to do it in our yellow pages, cost a small fortune but worth every penny. great service fair pricing and name recognition go a long way. say what you do and do what you say. good post.