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    Re: Yellow Page Ad

    Thanks for the ideas (in private messages or phone calls): Gear Junkie, Drain Medic and Masterplumb.

    Very helpful advice.
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      Re: Yellow Page Ad

      Originally posted by Service Guy View Post
      I am having poor success with also and I am thinking of dropping them. The actual yellowpages phonebook I get calls from fairly consistently, but the people who mention they found me online are only about one or two a month which is hardly worth the money.

      Since I will probably drop their service, what are some other ways to market online? If anybody can help I'd appreciate it. You can send me a private message if its more comfortable. I already PMed Greg about it, as I see he has recently cancelled with also.
      Google has been our best resource for driving people to our website. It's really easy to overspend on google though, so it's important to understand it and set it up right - search regions, keywords, max bid, etc... (I have spent as much as $5000 in a single month with Google when I didn't need to - )

      More important though, is to understand the internet shopper, who is different than the yellow page shopper. Internet shoppers are researchers, and don't respond well to internet ads that lead them to web sites where information is limited or is not presented well. I also don't believe people are in "calling mode" until they find a site they are comfortable with, so posting a phone number as the result of a search engine result is a waste. People search, visit sites, then pick-up the phone or use an on-line response form - IMO. They will decide who you are and what you are about in no more than three clicks!Consequently, a informational web-site with special offers is really important. My recommendation is not to spend any money on internet marketing until a solid web site has been established.

      I have a suggestion for the best value in marketing of all time...

      My company was literally built on membership in a Kiwanis Club. When we started in 1981, my dad and I joined a Kiwanis Club that had about 100 members. Before we knew it, we were working for most of the club members, their family, their employers, etc... Nothing beats getting to know someone by working side by side with them while helping the community!

      I'll bet you are already involved, but if your not, think about joining Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Exchange Club, etc... Find a club you are comfortable in, volunteer to head a committee or chair a fundraiser, feel great about helping the community, and watch your company grow without spending a nickel!

      I still belong to a large Rotary club and I have to say that if I was lucky enough to once again run a one man show, the first thing I would do would be to join another service club and maybe get more involved in my church. I doubt that I would ever again list in the yellow pages!

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        Re: Yellow Page Ad

        Just wanted to tell everyone that my new yellow pages ad design came out this past week and the phone is ringing off the hook!

        On the plus side, my marketing dilemma is solved for now. But I probably won't be posting nearly as much. Its hard to keep up with the all the work and a new baby is coming soon!

        Anyway, see ya soon.
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          Re: Yellow Page Ad

          Fantastic for you, I'm glad to hear this. Now you really get to pamper that baby and don't forget College.
          Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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