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Business software?

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  • Business software?

    We currently use "Quickbooks" as requested by our accountant.

    I am not a computer software geek and am not sure of the different software out there for a company like ours. I'm not sure of the capabilities of our current software either...I will investigate that.

    I am looking for something with some sortable statistics. I'd like to be able to tell how much of our business is drain cleaning, how much "emergency" service (after hours calls) we do, how much each employee bills monthly, sortable marketing data such as where new customers found us (referral, yellow pages, website, etc.).

    All this info would be extremely helpful but I'm not sure how to collect it. I would like an application that can do it all, so as our office manager enters invoices into the system she could add this additional data. I don't want to double her workload by making her enter stuff twice. I know we could use a spreadsheet or something like MS Excel to sort this but that would mean here entering info into Quickbooks AND entering the same info (name, address, phone, etc) into another program.

    I'd hate to have to pay for custom software. What do you guys use? I don't think I'm the only one who would like to track this info. The economy here in Michigan is so bad that I need this info to keep spending down and keep us profitable.

    Any input is appreciated.

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    Re: Business software?

    quickbooks pro will do all that if you set it up right.


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      Re: Business software?

      Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
      quickbooks pro will do all that if you set it up right.

      any idea on where we can find some info on doing this...I know there are Quickbooks that what you suggest?


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        Re: Business software?

        Yep, Quickbook Pro, and it would help to take the course for sure.
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          Re: Business software?

          I have quickbooks.
          I recently decided to take a glance at Open Office, Sun's ~FREE~ version of Microsoft Office...I decided to look into it for the form templates and its compatability with Office forms like Excel, then started seeing TONS of other business management features & functions...most of which are free.
          I literally just downloaded it today, so far I see database management tools, templates and a plethora of other features that'll take some time to digest.
          I'm new to it, so if anyone has experience with Open Office...please chime in.
          I'll keep you guys informed on what I find as I learn about it.


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            Re: Business software?

            Just a tip you guys! Anything to do with computers & software, get on to VaSandy, here on forum. She Rocks! quite seriously, Take her advice ad.notam. What that lady doesn't know about computers & software isn't worth knowing. She's an impressing craftsman as well, so she sees things from our angle.


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              Re: Business software?

              Quickbooks accounting is the best I have come across for doing all my business accounting and to keep the tax man happy.



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                Re: Business software?

                I don't have a whole lot to do with the software at this time but I'm trying to better understand it.

                Can someone tell me the differences between Quickbooks Pro(which we currently use) and the "Contractor" edition.

                I went back looked at some old posts and noticed a couple of regulars said they use it.


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                  Re: Business software?

                  Since microsofts going to stop providing windows XP soon .... means no more updates in the near futur. Also if you install the new windows vista , and you have pirated software like office or excel..... microsoft will tell your ISP to stop providing you with service till you remove that unlienced soft ware, so before I make the jump to vista I an going to install the open souce mail program by Godzilla , and the opensource office suite to get familiar with them.


                  note when you go to the above link a window will open saying the page cannot be displayed..... just clic ok

                  the following link for mail



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                    Re: Business software?

                    I recently started using Wintac Pro. It sounds like it does all of what you want it to do and it is not overly expensive.

                    Like all software there is a learning curve and you probably will never use all of its features, but I have found that it has made things a little easier for us. We used to use 2 or three programs to do what Wintac is doing for us now.

                    We still run our checkbook on Quick Books for a number of reasons, one of which is that QB is easy for the accountant, but if we ever wanted to, we could use Wintac for the checkbook.

                    Many times I tried to make QB work for us but it is still an accounting program that has been adapted for use in many industries. Quite a few companies use the contractor version but I never found it "just right" for a service business. It all boils down to what you are comfortable using and the results you will get, as well as the effort to convert to any program.

                    Of course like all software it has some shortcomings, but all in all it has been a big help. They have a website and demos available. Try a google search or send me a PM and I will give you my phone number if you want more info. Where in Michigan are you?
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                      Re: Business software?


                      Took a glance at their website...looked good until I hit the price list. I just don't have $2300 to throw at software at this time. Hopefully I can get the Quickbooks to do most of what I want...even if I have to hire a Quickbooks consultant to help set it up. I'd be interested in hearing how the Wintac is working for you though...keep me posted.

                      We're in the metro Detroit area...where are you at?


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                        Re: Business software?

                        Having a professional set up quickbooks for you could easily cost over $1000, and it probably will not do what you want. I found Wintac to be one of the cheapest programs that is designed for the service industry.

                        There are more expensive programs that are more complex and still do not do what you need.

                        Before you decide on any program analyze your needs and desires and be prepared to spend more than a few hundred dollars. Try to get a working demo ( good luck!) of the program to see if it really is as easy as claimed and actually does what they say it does.
                        Also find out how much updates and support are.
                        You also need to find out if your present data can be imported into any new program and if you will lose any information.

                        I am also in the Metro Detroit area. If you send me an e-mail or a PM with your phone number I can call you if you want more information.

                        Good luck


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                          Re: Business software?

                          Quickbooks Pro Contractor Edition, the best.

                          I am beganning to graph out my months to see how I am doing budget and profit wise so I can adjust accordingly.

                          I set up catagories for everything, and witht he help of my new accountant, have been able to zero in on everything.

                          Every expense has a place, and I tell you what, when you want to do a pie or bar graph, or see what you need to cut as far as expenses, it is an excellent program.

                          It also has payroll and so many other things, once you get to used to using it, it will be perfect and you will be very happy. It will grow with your company, and also help you build your company by seeing expenses.



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                            Re: Business software?


                            Can you (or anyone who uses it) tell me the differences between Quickbooks Pro and the Quickbooks Pro Contractors edition? What useful applications does the contractors version it specifically a plumbing version or a generic contractors version?

                            Also, did you (or whoever uses this software) take the Quickbooks course or have a Quickbooks adviser come in and help you? I checked in to an adviser and the quote I got was $330 for first two hours and $150 each additional hour. I don't mind paying if I get the desired results but hate to throw over $300 into the issue just to find out it's not what I want.

                            Any feedback from anyone who uses Quickbooks would be appreciated.


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                              Re: Business software?

                              Maybe VaSandy could tell you if Lenox has a Quickbook equivalent. You don't have to worry about Vista then, and you won't be looking at $2300 software.
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