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  • How did you grow your business

    I was wondering what everyone has done when growing their business.
    I have a utility and a isuzu 4 tonne truck and a oppurtunity has come up where I can buy another one truck.
    The truck has lockable doors ideal for drain cleaning truck the only problem is I am only a 2 man business which is going really well at the moment and I am not sure whether to take another step up the Drain cleaning ladder.
    At the moment there has been a couple of local plumbing bussiness that have gone under financially.
    So my question is how quickly did you grow your own bussinesses.

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    Re: How did you grow your business

    I stay small. Like PlumberRick. Had visions and opportunities of growth but don't want them. My own reasons.

    I'm not familiar with the Aussie wage/tax/insurance system either. But I do know this-business is all the same. Others will disagree but what I mean is all business' goal is to make profit. Can you make the next truck and crew profitable? That's the only question you really need to answer. And you're the only one who can answer for your area based on past and current experiences.

    Why did the other businesses around you go under?



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      Re: How did you grow your business

      i started small and still am. i set out to offer the best service possible at a fair price, be on time, be courteous, and leave the smallest mess possible.

      now 2 full years later i've got a camera on the way and hope to get someone intrested in Grease Trap Maintenence. a great $$ potential for the right person

      until theni will remain a one man band.

      interstingly enough i get about 6 calls a month from St. John. i'd love to branch out there. but in order to have 1 million dollars in your bank account at the end of the year you gotta start out with at least 2 million dollars on St. John. very $$$$$

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        Re: How did you grow your business

        I'd expand, my dilemma lies in the fact that I'm almost sure cow tazers are illegal to use on employee's.


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          Re: How did you grow your business

          Sponsorships of local schools and associations....local events and the like.

          I've done tv/radio advertising and event sponsorships.

          I can't say I'm in a good situation right now; giving all my work to another company, pissing off some of regular good customers and not being "timely" to the ones I eventually do.

          I am buying a box truck this friday.....95' E-350 box van that was formerly a uhaul truck like the one I'm driving now.

          I've been needing a second vehicle for my second biz and after doing a cruise-in this past sunday........the box van was ideal for space and ability to do everything I wanted to do.

          Still going to run out of my truck for the plumbing biz.
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            Re: How did you grow your business

            Business 101 don't buy the other truck until it is actually needed if you are losing business and need it then buy it.
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              Re: How did you grow your business

              Thanks for info Its interesting that there is a lot of one man operations which seem to work alright.