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Bye Bye Nextel.....Hello I Phone

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    Re: Bye Bye Nextel.....Hello I Phone

    i think if you are a worker and getting into some dirty and wet things then a regular phone should work just fine

    now if you are the boss or in sales or some thing like that then the hi teak phones are ok for you

    i have no time to play games ,e mail ,go on the Internet and all the other things the I phone does ,i get paid to work not play with a phone

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      Re: Bye Bye Nextel.....Hello I Phone

      I went from a Nextel phone and a PDA, to a Samsung Blackjack and sometimes a PDA. The smartphones work great for always having your schedule in the palm of your hand. Need to look up a customers name and address quickly? Easy to do with both phones. Want to also see a list of all the work you have done at that house and when? Not going to happen with the rugged Nextel phone. Like someone else said, it all depends on what you need the phone for.


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        Re: Bye Bye Nextel.....Hello I Phone

        There is a company that makes super-rugged cases for different phones. I have a Blackberry and the case they make for it is nearly indestructible. It protects it from dust and falls, Ive dropped it out of my pocket more than once getting out of my truck or off a ladder and not a scratch. It was $50, but I tend to keep phones for 2-3 years at least, so it was worth it to me.

        The company is otterbox, they make cases for many different electronics including the iphone.

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