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  • Client management

    We're running a plumbing/remodeling business.

    I generally like the MS office tools but I am having problems managing our clients information with the different programs we are using.

    We use Quick books for our new clients. We can print job orders from Quick books and it's good to have their information in the program for invoices etc.

    I can sync the information from QB to Outlook and from Outlook to Palm but one of the times I lost a ton of information in the transfer between forms and I can't figure out how to change the settings for the information (i.e. QB name field to Outlook name field, etc.) to transfer properly.

    So now I have some clients in QB some in Palm some in both but I need to get all of my clients in the same place without losing information.

    Saying all that to say this:
    I need a solution to this problem. What do you use to keep track of your clients information? I need to be able to take the information out of the office with me too.

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    Re: Client management

    I'll have to check into that when I get back in town. I've just ran out of time.