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    I went to a call for a pressure problem. After solving that I was asked to go next door to their fathers-about 1/2 mile-to check something out. He just wanted something to increase the height of his ADA toilet for his wife. Both are elderly. I explained to him about riser seats available and he said that sounded ok and we would take care of it in the next few weeks. While talking in his basement I look around and notice his plumbing is in mediocre condition (not leaking) and the structure is ok but could use some improvements.

    Anyway, I'm about to leave and he wants to pay me. I refuse as I was right next door at another call and didn't really pull any tools off the truck. He says wait a minute and goes inside. While he's inside I notice a sticker on his car that says Tin Can Soldiers. He comes back out with this wooden mail holder he made himself and gives it too me. I thank him and ask him about the sticker.

    He begins to tell me about how he was on the USS Marshall in the Phillippines among other places. Tells me stories about being in a convoy in the middle of a Typhoon. He was at the top of the wave and you could look maybe 50' down and see the other ships. Then they would change places. He says three of them turned over & was just lucky or God's will that he was spared.

    What's my point? The plumbing could have been improved. The structure could have been improved. I could have taken pictures and shown him the value of both. I could have charged him for stopping by.

    But to me, there's more than one way to get rich. My treasure.
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    Re: Getting Rich


    I just saw that on ebay for .99 cents starting bid!

    I guess if it sells for 4 grand, you are getting rich!
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      Re: Getting Rich

      Nice read, thanks JC.

      "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

      I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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        Re: Getting Rich

        I knew there was a reason why you were granted G17 access.
        Buy cheap, buy twice.