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  • Flyer - pick it apart

    I need to finish this up and get it OUT! I'm not 100% happy with it - it may need graphics or something.
    Mostly I just want to get it out yesterday.

    (I'd do without the graphics if I can get by with it)

    I need feedback. What do you think?

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    Re: Flyer - pick it apart

    I can't see anything to pick apart.


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      Re: Flyer - pick it apart

      gotta post so we can see it and then review it

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: Flyer - pick it apart

        Looks good to me!

        Send it to print!
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          Re: Flyer - pick it apart

          Well this has been confusing. Can you see it now? The picture was set to private.


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            Re: Flyer - pick it apart

            We have three area codes in close proximity, are all your customers from the same area code? Do you have to dial the 10 digits anyway? If so you may want to include the area code in the phone number


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              Re: Flyer - pick it apart

              Don't abbreviate Springfield

              No area code needed?

              Company name should have the largest font near the top
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                Re: Flyer - pick it apart

                Okay, now that I'm able to see it, time for me to be brutal:

                Where's the free coffee and donuts? Between the ad and what gets you to your site, you're removing a service call fee, free estimates which will drain gas out of your tank more than a penny sized hole, and if you have to drive to their home to give "accurate" upfront pricing,

                when is your projected date to go out of business?

                You spend money on that flyer and you don't "have" to give away the cow to get the milk. A "professional" ad will put it out there big and bold, let them know who's the best in town, use photography that's not clip art.

                Divulge your expertise and use keywording that's NOT common in the plumbing language in advertising. A plain map with a star to a nearby large expressway to position yourself on the map is all you need; two lines and a star, they get the picture.

                Plain white background says I'm broke and while you're at it I need work.

                Pictures of your work tiled into your format will give eye candy to your expertise. Make it difficult to understand what's in the picture and you'll have their eyes glossing over quickly.

                People only care about plumbing when it breaks, that's about it. If they are in the market for fixture upgrade and you specialize in it? Better have that paper that's in their hands for 4 seconds before it goes in the garbage have something worth holding onto.

                If anything, a "anytime" coupon, nothing with time restrictions with an all too common "10% your first service call with us" should be as far as it goes.

                To your website:

                Mentioning you're a husband and wife team isn't exactly prominent. Call yourself "A family run operation with expertise in traditional workmanship values" might be a good shot at keeping it formal.

                Giving $25 away for a referral is nice and honorable but that reversal of money back out of your pocket adds up quickly...

                and no matter how nice you are to some, one time is all they'll use you for no apparent reason. It just happens that way even though you do the best you do.

                I can go on but I'm trying to let you know what helps and what hinders. I have a website that's definitely not posh by any stretch, but the majority of my clientell keep saying the same thing over and over and over; such an easy read and simple to navigate.

                When I break down and put some real dollars into it, the difference between the old and new won't be much because I believe in continuity that makes the return visits just as simple as it was the first time.
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                  Re: Flyer - pick it apart

                  I guarantee my work too but it is in the form of going back and re cleaning the line if it stops up in 30 days, just gas and time. But dose that guarantee mean they don't have to pay for the parts you use if they don't like it after you went back several times to fix non existent problems because they want it done free?. and they are out there and the crazy courts will back them up. I'm not trying to insult your add I admire the way your putting it out there for us to see with guts like that You can go far, just be careful that you don't give some sleaze ball the chance to go to far, I know I tried it and lost my kester when two didn't pay and they called me back the next time they had a different problem and wanted to know if I still gave the same guarantee. You can guess what my answer was. Just didn't want you to find out the hard way put what isn't included some where in the writhing


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                    Re: Flyer - pick it apart

                    Just a PS. I have a web site too
                    it just has a few helpful hints for home owners and tells about our company , but it needs work bad and it costs so much to list it in a search engine it doesn't get a visit unless someone sees my card but I think we need to work the Internet more it is just a bit overwhelming for an old goat like me