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What should I charge??

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    Re: What should I charge??

    Originally posted by AFM View Post
    What does this mean Mark???????????/

    She is not licensed to contract so she is limited to a maximum of $500 worth of work she can do for any one client. They call it a handyman exemption.

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    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: What should I charge??

      Charge your people for the normal time it usually takes you to do a similar job the same price no mater the hourly rate you use to calculate .
      If you want 200 per day, and you work say 5 hours a day...calculate everything at 40 per hr. If you want more or less per day ... adjust your rate per hr up or down. Always charge by the job, it is new best way, Google FLAT RATE PRICING and do research...time well spent. And as I have learned this week on site here...keep raising the price until they complain or you start losing customers.....then lower it a little to get back to your maximum allowable rate for your area and your skills.
      But, never take pity ..use a pricebook...that way after you look at the look in book....give price from them no chance to play on your sympathy...I learned the hard way....customers are for money.....never work for friends or family...unless your mom or dad only and that is free..reason is I had a brother who on his 2 week vacation helped neighbor build a garage disney land for deserving family....appreciation? the guy sold the house 3 months later and pocketed my brothers labor....nice guys volunteer at church for widows...all others except mom dad pay cash...motown


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        Re: What should I charge??

        I would charge what you think is fair. In my area I know a guy who does plumbing, heating, & carpentry for cookies. Yes, I said cookies. He feels sorry for everyone.

        His only job is doing repairs for COOKIES. Just another small town story from Tyman.
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          Re: What should I charge??

          OK! You can price the way I do, when customers want a price before I start making something for them:-
          Start with cost of materials, fittings, etc. Keep your rebate for yourself.
          Transport, and other expenses are added on.
          I'm an older guy, so sometimes I like to take it a little easier, drink more coffee, or talk some more, especially if I had a hard day yesterday.
          However I set my labour by the time I know I should do the job in, effective work. However don't estimate but take actual efective time, if a job proves to have more quirks than expected, maybe because somebody messed up before you, or bad workmanship from building day one.
          50$ an hour sounds about right, but week-ends, overtime, and especially rush jobs must cost more.
          Think about it and calculate a sliding scale for when you have to go above the call of duty!
          You must be worth it, or they wouldn't keep on hiring you.
          Just think about the "efective work" thing, then you can work in the tempo you like, when you like, and the price will be right.