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  • Powerful Advertising

    Not exactly what you'd expect, but Burger King in the past 10 years has figured out how to gain recognition through some of the stupidest, craziest formats,

    and it works.

    Just think if you could spend the money this company has, and do these deranged antics knowing they sell burgers and fries...
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    Re: Powerful Advertising

    I read an article somewhere about how the BK advertising team found they were more effective if they just did "crazy unusual" ads. And if you look at the ones they've done in the past few years-they've all been that way.

    I like them too. Make me laugh. Saw the whoppervirgin commercial the other day.



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      Re: Powerful Advertising

      That's the beauty of it, stupid and crazy sells, normal straightforward stuff doesn't.

      Take for example a plumber.

      You can run ads, spend good money on them and say this is us, here we are, use us.

      Then there is the "poke fun at yourself" ad, then a "put down your competition ad" even a "make a small comedy skit" type ad that for the most part, never delivers the message indirectly.

      First off, if there's anyone that could pull off an insane commercial for plumbing, I'd be the first one to throw my hat in that ring and say that I could do it, and make it one where it's shared heavily across the internet.

      Something that works the noises we hear everyday in plumbing, the problems, the attitudes of "some" plumbers down to the vehicle that arrives at your home.

      If you're going to tell a story through numerous commercials, better have a plot....and a good one.

      Having some really good cheesey music that rings in your head like a migraine is good too, but addicting.

      Sometimes going "stupid" can be very rewarding if done tactfully. It's not for everyone, and certainly not 'all' products.

      Here's another example, the sound makes kids and quite a few adults laugh when they hear it....and it's simple. Something the advertiser probably wasn't expecting in the advertising move.

      As soon as you see the characters in your grocery store, those sounds of them saying Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!! will ring in your head, possibly wanting your kids to buy a stuffed animal of one that presses a button doing the same.

      This is a fast, 10-15 second ad. Says a lot in a small slot of time. It disses one product and shows the ease of another, user is smiling.

      It has over 8 thousand views on youtube...and that's because you watch it more than once to see what you missed, or to hear them say Eeeeeewwwwww! again.

      They wouldn't of created this type of advertising if it didn't work.

      If it was just a woman that turned and looked at you, said "Hey, you need to buy this product because it's easy and works for me, even with a backdrop of a clean toilet? That's not enough to sell the product. Make it comical, even though it's catered strictly to adults/homeowners, the comedy part is supposed to kick your senses in when you are in the grocery store glancing by the product.

      Those products pay for those locations on the shelf, don't think there's no strategy from top shelf to bottom to right in the middle. It's all gauged on the "average" height of a person that walks down that aisle.
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        Re: Powerful Advertising

        I only wish I could afford a marketing team like burger king, since i'm not creative enough to come up with a good advertising strategy.

        Instead I'm stuck with a yellow pages saleswoman with who thinks more about selling me the ad and less about how effective it is.

        It's a gamble every year that I'm losing.

        Thinking of hiring a professional to create a more effective yellow page ad, possibly to increase my gambling losses.

        I'm snowbound in New Orleans area today, 1st time in 3 - 4 years.


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          Re: Powerful Advertising

          When I explain to people that it's not a good idea to flush wet wipes, tampons, etc. a few people have asked me about the commercial where the guy flushes all kinds of trash so he can hire the sexy female plumber. When I ask, "The Kohler ad?", most don't remember which brand it was.

          Drain cleaners should send Kohler a nice Thank You card for that one.


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            Re: Powerful Advertising

            this works for me

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