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Promoting your Company Via Internet

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    Re: Promoting your Company Via Internet

    Originally posted by Tyman View Post
    We don't have a website but I have been asking the boss to let me get one going. He is really resistant to the idea of a website.

    I have a few customers ask me what our website is and I tell them we don't have one. They just give me this dumb look. Funny thing is, all the customers that have asked for it, have been people that are very wealthy.
    One thing to consider and I am sure Rick would agree is "Reputation Management"...

    Its just as easy to get destroyed on the net....


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      Re: Promoting your Company Via Internet

      Originally posted by Service Guy View Post
      I find all aspects of marketing interesting. Maybe I need to hire Dunbar to help me do my internet marketing? I am always open to new ideas, it just seems I am already pouring more money and time into the 'net than I want to, and it is producing jack-****! I know I am probably going about it all wrong, so I am open to new ideas.
      Pm me when you get time


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        Re: Promoting your Company Via Internet

        It is interesting you have brought up this topic as I am looking into a web site for my business as the print media is a thing of the past I advetised in a local paper but have noticed I get bearly anything from it now and is waste of money and the yellow pages is the same over the last couple of year I have got at least two jobs a week from someone Googling the internet and this is the younger generation they they get everything off the net and is the future no matter where you live so get on line or be left behind.



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          Re: Promoting your Company Via Internet

          I work for a company that does online marketing for hvac. We just picked up our first plumbing account to help with their online marketing.

          They havnt had much success with their web site or the web in general so we are essentially starting with a blank slate.

          Service guy... I'm really interested in your emergency plumber results. We just ranked the new account (a blog post on one of our sites called heating consumers speak out that mentions his company) for emergency plumber tewksbury

          I hear your reaction to the sh** emergency situation and consumers going offline rather then online to find a solution. You feedback certianly has my attention.

          We will be tracking the results to see if this online listing get's some sales or not. I'll share the results and compare his off line and on line adverts as soon as I have something worth sharing.

          Talk with you soon