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    Re: marketing design help

    It definately helps if you can get a referral. Just like a plumber, it helps to know one! I did a search on google. There are 100's of sites. How would someone choose? They all require money up front.


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      Re: marketing design help

      Everything is finished and I couldn't be more pleased.
      If any plumbers (or other businesses) out there want some marketing design help, I highly recommend this guy.
      The total package includes:
      Logo Design,
      Website design,
      Business Card design,
      Phonebook Ad design.

      Call him if you want some awesome design work done for your company.
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        Re: marketing design help

        The man who does our website and design work is a bit coarse, but he really gets results. He redid our website, removing much of the 'pretty stuff' and doing a lot of optimization. Our hits increased 1400% in only 3 months.

        One of the things he talked us out of was spending money on a logo design. His rationale was simple. A logotype, aka logo, was once a sign of a successful company. Back in the days of the letterpress, the logo artwork had to be engraved, which was costly. This lead viewers to believe that the using company was large and successful. Later, when the usefulness of the logo was realized in terms of brand identity and photo-based engraving procedures and offset printing came along, everyone started to want/get one. Today's consumers recognize less than 1% of the logos they are shown. His advice: if you want a logo, make it your business name. He cites the success of logo-less Google, which only has its name.

        Just thought I'd pass this along for what it's worth… It saved us money and his systems and ad work perform extremely well! (I will have to admit his people skills lack a bit - he's very "direct.")
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