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    Re: Hot & Cold Stickers?

    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post

    I think that last sentence could be worded better. I think it should be worded thus:

    "Each outlet on the non-potable water line that could potentially be used for drinking
    or domestic purposes shall be posted as DANGER - UNSAFE WATER."

    Is there a difference or is it just semantics?
    There is a big difference in clarity. Your wording is a heck of lot more clear than theirs. My vote is for Bob.

    Also they need to do away with the word "potable" and unpotable"on all signage. Most people do not know what it means. "Unsafe,dangerous, poison, safe, drinkable" are all better terms that most people would understand.

    When I have my choice, I buy or have a sign made that says "Non Potable Water-Unsafe for Drinking" because the inspector demand that it state "Non-Potable"on the signage.