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  • Cutting the cord

    Interested to hear if anyone has one of these and if so what you think of it. The idea looks promising and the savings could be huge.

    Dump your LL phone service and port the number over to a new cell plan or a new line on your existing cell plan.

    Get the Dock-n-Talk and connect it to your traditional wired phones in the house or office.

    Sync up you BlueTooth enabled cell phone with the Dock-n-Talk

    Now every time you come home or back to the office your cell links up with the phones in the office. You can make and receive calls w/o having to use your tiny cell. You can use your old desktop speaker phone or a cordless phone. When you pick up the phone the dial tone you hear is from the cell phone, not you old landline provider.

    When you leave the office or house you grab the cell and you are all set. People only need one number to get in touch with you. You get all the standard features of a cell plan without the extra charges normally encountered with LL service such as call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding, caller ID, etc.

    This only works for a individual or one-man shop I think if you have only the one line. Otherwise you need to port your old LL number over to a new cell number and keep your existing cell number. If you didn't and took the cell with you anyone else in the building would have no phone service.

    At any rate it looks interesting. I thought up something along this line years ago but more elaborate. My idea was to have a system that moved with you that your wore on your person more like a Star Trek style communicator with VOX. There would be no need for a BlueTooth earpiece or headset. It would be BlueTooth enabled but work be able to connect to a higher powered transceiver in your vehicle or home or office. No physical connection required, as you move about it would be handed off from one base unit to another much as cell service works but on a smaller scale with a limited range say <50 feet.

    I figured for me at home I could save $24/month by porting my home number to a new cell line for $9.99/m with AT&T. Plus no more loing distance charges or charges for extras.
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    Re: Cutting the cord

    I'd like to drop one number but my problem is I work by word of mouth. No advertising. And I work for alot of older people. So one tells the other call J.C. and they immediately go for.........the phonebook.

    I was reading somewhere that Verizon (I think) was coming out with a system similar to what you're talking about. I didn't quite understand it all but it seemed like they were saying that if you were home then you had unlimited everything. You're phone knew where you were. If you left the house then you began using your plan minutes.

    Need to think about changing phone service again. I hate looking over all of it to decide what's best. Confusing.



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      Re: Cutting the cord

      Looks to me like it's the future.