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BBB - yes or no whats your take?

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  • BBB - yes or no whats your take?

    Got a call today from the better business bureau wanting me to sign up for the BBB. The cost was approx $400 for the year. Is anyone a member of the BBB and what is the benefits from this service besides being able to use there logo as a part of advertising and being on there website. Is it worth it?

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    Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?


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      Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

      The BBB is the same as the mob getting you to pay protection money.

      In short, they suck. JMHO.
      I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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        Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

        I make $1000's of dollars being a member, because people said they "checked me out" first before hiring me.

        It's $400, more or less $4 in business.

        That puts me right over top of my competition because I'm doing something that's "better" than those who don't.


        That's not my personal opinion above, that's what the customer is expecting of me in regards to being fully committed to the ritual, whether we agree with the concept or not.

        Some things are the grin and bear it costs in business, I hate it as much as the next guy but anything that pays itself off by its use is worth it, especially if it's making far more.

        It also helps when you have to file against a business; it will help with "I'm on your side WTH you mean you're not going to do something, DO IT."
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          Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

          the better business bureau is just as much as a scam as the scammers.

          what a crock of garbage they are.

          never been a member and never will be. they lie with the best of them.

          i finally got tired of them calling for me to join saying that they have customers calling to check me out.

          after i heard the same prompted call time after time, i put my money where their mouth was. i told them i would join if they could name any one of the potential customers. all b.s. there are none. they make you believe you need them. they just need you to continue paying into their slush fund.

          they don't need me and i certainly don't need them. told them never to call me and waste my time anymore.

          save your money.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

            Around here, if you join the BBB then you can do as much crap work as you want and they wont tell on you. I filed a complaint on a company and had a couple others file complaints too. 2 weeks and then a month later and the BBB says that comany is highly recommended and they have never had a complaint on them. If you want protection for doing shoddy work, then by all means, join the BBB, they will protect you!
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              Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

              I pay $300 a year and always make more than that off of it.

              Way better results than the yellow pages.

              WARNING: BBB Customers tend to be picky and can be a pain in the a$$.

              ...but they always pay.

              Dont buy all the extra crap like tv and magazine ads. They dont work.

              Just become a member, put the symbol in your ads, and people will find you.

              Most BBB callers I get use BBB online and go to my website

              Its worth it in my neighborhood.


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                Re: BBB - yes or no whats your take?

                The BBB is a joke, I had my license for about a week, didn't advertise or anything, no one but my boss and I knew I passed my test, next thing you know i get the call

                :Hi, we have someone asking about your company, blah blah blah.

                crock of poo.

                No BBB for me, con artists.