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  • What you earn.

    There are no perfect formulas, but this could provide a good basis to learn from.

    Put in where you've been and where you're at. Are you making what you should?

    The CPI (Consumer Pricing Index) is a measure of your buying power in relation to inflation annually.

    So, from my reading and input into the calculator, I need to increase my income annually by about 3.2%-To break even and keep my standard of living from the year before.

    NOT to really gain anything. Just to stay current. Of course that's provided I earn the exact same amount for the same amount of effort from the year before.

    Make sense?


    Calculator Here:
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    Re: What you earn.

    Good news, based on the CPI, I made 10-times what I should last year when I factored in my income of 39-years ago.

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