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Twists and Turns of a Business Venture

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  • Twists and Turns of a Business Venture

    If you all remember this thread along with this thread, you'll understand the way I type this out. I've started this 4 times and having trouble deciding how to present it to a viewing audience.

    I'm thinking short form is the best bet right now, even though a lot of my script usually runs into thousands of characters.

    This situation is unfolding in my state right now. It's reaching the airwaves nationally as it's the first of its kind where coaches are being held accountable for this student athlete's death. In the "core" of all of this is a high school athletic association that is the guiding hand of what is done, spent, controlled, designed, instituted, anything. The schools in my area have been getting new football fields. Do you know how expensive turf fields are? New aluminum bleachers? We're talking 100's of thousands.

    Here's where this affects me in my second business:

    The schools have been instructed (I believe) to deny any use of my products, whether it came from me or not as it will denote liability as "a change in policy was made immediately after this child's death, indicating that they knew that it could of been possible there was a way to prevent this child's death."

    I've sent in troops (parents with kids at the schools) and here's what I'm getting back as responses from the athletic directors, coaches..."It's a great product, we need it, but we don't know how we're going to pay for the fuel for the school buses, nor the meals for the twice-day practices."

    With that being said, that becomes an economy problem, not a liability problem. But why is it across the board that so many schools that "could" afford these are ignoring the technology that this offers? I've got a full year under my belt with this product and it works, plain and simple. I've received countless calls for the use of them this year but no one wants to pay even a below market average cost for them. If I make a habit of giving the product away cheap, I'll have too many opinions out there and if it gets back I'm pricing cheaper to one affiliation than another, it's not going to be good.

    So that's my first whopper-jaw of a surprise this 2nd year in biz, the economy being bad was expected for elective spending but the third kick to the chins was the fact that the health department is starting to protect the potable water systems at these large outdoor events.

    I had numerous vendors that I was going to set up spot misting for and that idea just got shot all to hell. The health department will not allow the water being supplied to vendors who are producing food for sale to have any connections leading off the lines, or even spot filling to replenish water in the tanks. They figure if they ban all considerations, no matter how big or how small, the possibility goes way down for a cross-connection leading to contamination.

    I'm not going to investigate into that, I'm not even going to try..even though I know I could set up a DCVA that's more than enough to protect my end of the equation. I was going to donate the use of the fans for the event but I'm not going to work that hard to put them up there.

    So if next year I want to sponsor our local events, I'm going to have to bring in a large tank to provide my own water supply, one that's substantial enough to last the length of the event. That dissolves the idea of lining up large distances between the equipment/fans.

    Until this court case is resolved, I will be on a waiting list to see where this all leads. I've done some serious legal maneuvering already that puts this association in a place where they are fully aware that I exist, and I'm heading to the parents of the victim next. I've laid this out that I can provide equipment to 66 individual schools if needed, so there's no holding back on my end.

    My product doesn't save lives, it doesn't prevent heat related injuries. All it does is offer the capability as safety equipment to provide an outdoor solution to giving athletes/coaches/students the ability to get someplace really quick and cool down by either a gradual or instant means, without the use of ingesting fluids or subjected to extreme temperature drops like what was proposed earlier in the year. They wanted to drop these kids in small swimming pools of ice. Do you know how hard that is on the body when you're overheating?

    Take just a normal wet rag that you just ran cold water over to get wet and put it to your forehead swiftly. The first reaction most times is your body reacting to the rag and your breathe in deeply, then if you pay attention to your body closely, there will be a reaction in your heart rate at the same time. The house or senate quickly shut this idea down by recommendations of doctors, fearing the temperature drop could cause more problems than fixes.

    I'm most likely venting more than anything else. I'm in the big picture of this idea right now and these "issues" I presented equates to $1000's of dollars in revenues that I can tap, eventually. What's weird is time has been the biggest revelation of these issues and thank goodness I am patient. The great thing is people are working hard to get me into some larger venues, eventually.
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    Re: Twists and Turns of a Business Venture

    you have to stay the coarse. just make changes accordingly. people love being cool and hate being hot. in time it will take off


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      Re: Twists and Turns of a Business Venture

      This court case is unfolding as I type. Lots of revelations, still don't think the coach will be convicted though.
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