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    Re: Laptop Invoices

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post

    that's my sewer videos

    Are those videos "S" rated?


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      Re: Laptop Invoices

      I don't know if this helps anyone, but "Windows XP Pro" will let one user log in from "any Windows PC" from any remote location, using an internet connection. So, if your main office PC has QB, you can access it, and use it, just like if you where setting in your office. It also, will allow you to print to a printer at your remote location.

      I have customers that have everthing on their office PC and use their laptop only as remote terminal.

      It works really well and no additional software is needed. Everthing you need is already built into Windows.

      "Windows Vista Business Edition" will also work as the host PC back at the office also.

      Note: Your office PC, can only allow one person using it at the same time, in the office or from a remote location.
      You need to use Windows Server software if multiple people are going to use the same programs from a remote location at the same time.

      If you don't like the remote login idea:
      You can have QB installed on a PC in the field and also back at the office. Use QB all day long in the field. At the end of the day do a backup in QB (on the field PC) to a flash drive and then do a Restore from that same flash drive in QB (on the office PC).

      Note: This backup and restore process will only work with one person entering data into QB. This will not work if someone is back at the office entering data to QB while someone else is entering data in the field.

      Note: If you enter data to QB at night in your office PC, you need to do a backup in QB on that office PC, and then do a restore from that backup, to the field PC before your day begins in the field.

      Basicly, your carrying your most current QB info back and forth between two PCs, on a flash drive.

      This sounds complicated but it is very strait forward and simple once you do it. Backup and restores in QB only takes a few minutes and is a vary dependable procedure.

      I stress this: This only works if, only "one" person is entering data into QB.



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        Re: Laptop Invoices

        exactly what i do with my work laptop and home laptop.

        a simple 2gb. thumbdrive is all i need to backup and restore.

        but as you've mentioned.

        one computer is the master and the other one is the slave

        i also email my invoice when i can and cc myself.

        this allows me to search my invoices even if i don't have my computer with me as all i need to do is a search of my email based on my customers name.

        i haven't fallen back on the old invoices as it's not necessary, but my new ones from the last year.

        basically it's a backup on an outside online server/ email account

        joey, joey, where's my pocket protector, i'm talking geek again

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Laptop Invoices

          Originally posted by westcoastplumber View Post
          This is in my old van, I have the same set up in the new van


          That is a nice set up.

          Throw in a shot gun and it would all most look like the inside of a police car. Not to say I know that from being in one.........


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            Re: Laptop Invoices

            Rick do you have your customers sign any kind of contract or agreement to pay your rate or are you just going off a verbal agreement. I realy like this idea you dont have to waste money on invoices or forms and you have customer history right their,But i wounder what the normal pratice is for old and new customers with T&M billing and do you get paid for most jobs right after your are done the work?