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  • Mr Rooter called...

    I was busy at the time. Said they would call back, do you think they will?

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    Re: Mr Rooter called...

    Sure, just when you're about ready to sit down to dinner.
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      Re: Mr Rooter called...

      After calling us weekly for about two months, I happen to be in the office when they called.

      I was handed the phone.

      About 5 sec into his shtick, I said "look here, f*&#er, you've been told no before, and I'm tellin you no now. You a#$%oles call me again, and I'm not going to be as pleasant as I am right now."


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        Re: Mr Rooter called...

        They called me a few times last year for a franchise opportunity.

        If I wanted to work for somebody I wouldn't have started my own company.

        I don't understand why since there's already a Mr Rooter franchise here.

        I didn't think to ask when they called.


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          Re: Mr Rooter called...

          You want to be taken of their call list. Just tell them you are a corporation. Soon as I told them that we are a corporation they stopped calling.
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            Re: Mr Rooter called...

            So far no call back...I feel blessed.