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Ridgid-Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

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  • Ridgid-Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

    Please take this as constructive criticism. But some of your corded & cordless lines have been slow to develop in my opinion.

    You're not alone, Makita and Bosch kind of flounder along. Making decent things, but not really leading.

    Then I come across this.

    Might want to get with Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota and get something signed before Milwaukee does.

    Like Iaccoca said, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way".


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    Re: Ridgid-Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

    I could fake out my future girlfriend or wife, tell her that they are earrings.

    Yep, I'd be finding her real quick.

    YES! I'm on the new road of technology.
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      Re: Ridgid-Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

      interesting concept. nothing too proprietary.

      i've been using rfid in my truck for 9 years with my car defender ignition.

      i also have a key fob for a high end building i work in. this allows me access to any door i'm authorized to access. it's a robert bosch product.

      i think all they've done is incorporate this technology into the computerized dash and installed a rfid reader with some software. remember that you need a unique id for each product. we would need hundreds to inventory the tools.

      now if they can put lojack onto our tools and tell me where they are located, then you have a system

      phoebe it is