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    Re: Yellow page Ad input

    Originally posted by red1234 View Post
    What site do you use?Did you put everything together yourself?
    Sorry Red, I missed your question till just now.

    Web site is through intuit Websites & Free Website Builder | Intuit® - How It Works .

    Yes I did it myself. I used a few lines of others with permission.
    I've tried a few other DIY website software etc.., but never finished them because they were so hard for me.

    Intuit one was by far the easiest one I've tried. Still taxed my brain a bit, but I got it done.
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      Re: Yellow page Ad input

      Nice Clip ! Glad things are picking up.Yeah I still do it all myself, no advertising , and have more work than I can handle.I wouldn't touch big box store work and glad you are surviving without it as well..Keep on truckin' brutha'
      ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Benjamin Franklin


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        Re: Yellow page Ad input

        We tried a bz. to bz. yellow page add back in 95'. We tracked it with a unique phone number only used in that add. The end result we got three calls in one year.

        Let me give you the best advice possible in one Sentence.

        "You are a Salesman First, a tradesman second"

        The minute you completely understand this concept you will have a successful business. You are better off going out and printing 10,000 bz cards that have a 10-20% discount written on them and then walking neighborhoods and business withing a two mile radius of your locations and handing them out and introducing yourself.

        I tell my staff to learn how to "Press the Flesh".