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    Who is marketing services to other businesses and how do you approach it?

    I am gearing up to start a full blown marketing campaign targeted toward plumbing and drain cleaning companies all over the Chicago land area and thought maybe some of you had had some success at this in your own areas.

    I am not one to take work away from anyone that does what i do, i simply want to provide services that others don't. Things like lining, jetting, point repair, manhole rehab, etc. I will do this fairly and honestly and make it worth while to anyone who refers us.

    I want this to be a successful venture as it may really cost some coin to put together. I'm thinking some nicely printed folders with separate glossy full page fliers for the various service we offer with a spot for business cards to be tucked inside. Just one idea i have so far but i am still pondering.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Business To Business Marketing

    We subcontract for many other plumbing companies. The way we do it is we go out to the job site and do the work and put out the plumbers invoice that we are doing the work for but charge our rates. Then we turn in the invoices the plumbing shop that hired us pays us our commission along with any material nut we have.
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      Re: Business To Business Marketing

      As a means of value added service and communicating your work to the other service company as well as the customer you could consider an on-line job reporting tool to post your inspections to.


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        Re: Business To Business Marketing

        Show them your trucks

        You have an AWESOME set up, That alone should impress the other boys in town

        Just my thoughts