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    Anyone using this?}={placement}



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    Re: AMEX AcceptPay

    Looks to be OK, the rates look soso... If you have a good relationship with your bank you may be able to get better transaction rates.

    It is nice to see AMEX getting back into the game, for the most part they had priced themselves out of the Visa / Mastercard wars...


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      Nope, and never will

      They will raise your rates no matter if you run 80 grand through their accounts and never be late, ever on a payment.

      They make their own rules, does not matter what the fine print says on their contracts.

      They lost a customer for life when they raised my rates for absolutely no reason.

      2% increase for no reason; I had them check to see if there was any time in the 7 years I had their card if I didn't live to my obligation, none was found.

      I don't care if they gave me a house; never punish the ones who are a good credit risk, which is what they did.
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