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  • Buisness Solution Services

    I was talking to plumbing company in CA today and he was telling me about a company that specializes in company support and solutions. They offer help with guys just starting a business with things like keeping the books, advertising, equipment purchases ect.

    I am just curious but has any one used any services like this?

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    Re: Buisness Solution Services

    Well I guess that answers my question. The reason why I brought this up is I was talking to me dad a few days before I posted this and we where talking about his old business. He had mentioned that he felt like he had to make mistakes before he learned how run a business. It got me thinking when I spoke with my customer and told me about this particular company that offered business solutions to plumbing and HVAC companies. From the lack of response I will take it that most do not use these services.


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      Re: Buisness Solution Services

      When I as at the Pumper Show, I came across a booth of a company that offered up similar services. Answering the phones, dispatching, accounting and such. I am mildly interested in it since my mom which is doing the above things is not getting any younger, and it would be hard for me to do all the above and run a truck at the same time.
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        Re: Buisness Solution Services

        I could see where it could be helpful, if the cost was not that great,
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          Re: Buisness Solution Services

          During the last year I hired someone part time to take care of things like invoicing, ordering, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. I still answer my own phone though because people want to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about and they don't want to wait for a callback. However, I would not trust these duties to just anyone or any company. Rather I would find someone who you've had a good longstanding relationship with that you trust and pay them well.
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