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How to do CS right.

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  • How to do CS right.

    Anybody that needs a lesson in CS should call Nintendo Support. I can't remember the last time I got such great support over the phone.

    LOML says to me today "have you tried the Wii lately?" Which is kind of a rhetorical question because I rarely use the Wii, except maybe to do a quick web surf on something when I'm watching TV. Anyway, she knows that now I'm gonna give it a try and I do....nothing. Short story shorter I call CS after trying the remedies in the manual which don't work and I went to their web site and didn't fine help there.

    I dial and get some music, and I figure I am going to be there a while, but in less than 15 seconds a polite cheerful woman answers. I tell here what its not doing and she has me try a couple things. Nothing. I tell her the fan is not running but there is power to the console. She asked for the serial number.

    She asks when it was bought and I say I don't know, we received it as a Christmas gift. She says then Christmas is when your warranty starts and its covered for a full year. She asks me name and address, phone etc.
    After about 5 minutes we are through all this and she has read everything back to make sure its correct. I confirm everything. She tell me in my email will be a link to print a shipping label to return the console and power supply, along with instructions on how to package it, etc.

    So after about 10 minutes I have a prepaid shipping label for a free replacement console. I have 30 days to print the shipping label and one year to return the Wii for repair/replacement. When my new Wii is returned the warranty will start all over again, and be good for a full year from the day I receive it. All this should happen within 10 to 14 days from when I ship the old console out.

    It couldn't have been easier or more pleasant.
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    Re: How to do CS right.

    I had about the same treatment from CS with a Keurig single cup coffee machine. I bought it from Sam's Club and it worked fine for a couple of days. Then we would occasionally have to reseat the water reservoir to get the water to pump to the top heating tank. I spoke to a very pleasant lady at Keurig who had me try a few things. When they didn't work she asked for my address to ship a new replacement. They only wanted me to send back the small cup holder from the defective machine, and only after I got the new machine and used it for a while. New machine works fine.
    I can highly recommend the Keurig for a great cup of coffee, too.
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      Re: How to do CS right.

      Shows that some companies really do care about their customers.


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        Re: How to do CS right.

        It's good when companies take advantage of all resources available & streamline the process. Some just can't realize that they will make more profit by doing as Nintendo did for you rather than arguing, denying, and trying to get you to just go away.

        I've also had terrific customer service from RIDGID

        Knowledgeable, helpful, and last I spoke with them, quickly moves you through the phone "chain".

        Bosch has also been very good. I had a bad battery once (premature failure at about 11 months if I recall). Called them and had a new battery on my doorstep in 2-3 days. I did not have to send them the old one at all or go to any Service Center for testing. Just sent it.

        I also lost some parts on a Circular Saw. I LOST THEM. Called them and gave them the part#'s and the guy from Jersey in his Jersey accent says "Dis' don't add up to that much. What's your address."

        In my mailbox in 2-3 days. No charge. No shipping charge either.