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  • signage

    what would you put on plumbing sign

    your name
    your mobile number
    your lisc number
    your email address

    what else

    no job to big or to small

    need a plumber

    dial a plumber

    what stands out

    do have any good ideas

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    Re: signage

    Personally I hate when guys put "No job too big or small"...I think it's played out. When you open up the phone book, just about every ad has it, and I think people get the point. You don't want a billboard in where people will get into an accident trying to read everything on your truck as they pass you.

    Website would be better than an e-mail address if you have one. When your driving, you would remember a website more than an e-mail address, as long as it's short and to the point. Our company name is also our website address with dot com at the end....nice and simple.

    The other day I saw a catchy slogan on a local Plumbers truck in my area..

    "Our business is in the toilet"

    just my .02


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      Re: signage

      mobile number
      lisc number

      how this sound


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        Re: signage

        If I needed to market my company with signage in the resedential arena I would fall back on my marketing degree.

        1. Logo (if you have one) Dead center top.
        2. Company name in bold big print center middle
        3. Phone number - big bold print center middle
        4. Web sight (if you got one)

        Finally the icing on the cake. At the bottom right of each sign I would hot glue a real-estate bz card holder. These usually have a spring lid, are clear and pretty water proof, (or if you can't find one any bz card holder)

        Then I would have magnet bz cards printed up with all my info and on the card a discount of some sort. The discount gets them to save the card, the magnet gives them a place to stick it where they can find it in the future.

        To the left of the card in bold lettering I would write a catchy phrase with an arrow pointing to the cards stating to take one.

        As time moves forward you have an excellant way of tracking whether your door sign actually works.