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television commercial?

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    Re: television commercial?

    Its good. your name and number are on the screen the whole time and your name is repeated a number of times through the spot.

    For what you have invested in development it is good, I think it will get you some work.

    Many times to gauge how well an ad is working they offer something if the caller mentions the ad.
    What that might be is tough. I wouldn't think a discount would be good because then everyone will
    expect them sorta like the 0% offers on cars.
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      Re: television commercial?

      The first thing you should probably get is a PLUMBING LICENSE!


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        Re: television commercial?

        Mr. Flick,
        You will be relieved to know that all of our advertisements have been suspended per a request by the state of Michigan. We will still be active in the area cleaning drains, repairing faucets, etc. I wish you the best of luck in your startup. If I have customers that need work that I am unable to do may I refer them to your company?


        Doug Devine
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          Re: television commercial?


          No thank you, I would not like any referrals. Myself and all the other master plumbers/Plumbing Contractors have worked had for our licenses and use them to provide for our families. Put in the hours and pass the tests and you will understand why this is a big deal. Good luck.


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            Re: television commercial?


            TV advertising without being licensed? That takes balls.