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    Does any body know what fees the average plumbing company charge their plumbers.
    Example , fuel , admin fee ,

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    Re: Commission Plumber

    I know of a few companies where I am who charge $5 an invoice, $30 to run a camera and make there guy pay for uniforms and cleaning. I believe it is illegal and but people still do it.


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      Re: Commission Plumber

      I just quit working for a large company. Could not afford to work for them.
      There was a $10 surcharge added to each invoice for amin processing.
      My cut was 25 percent, out of which I had to provide my own truck, hand tools and insurance, phone, and FUEL!!!
      The coverage area was 60 miles in every direction,,,,

      I finally did the math on the last few jobs, and realized that I seldom made more than gas money on a job. For example I did a commercial job in Vacaville, the drive was 84 miles round trip. I had work on the main sewer line for half an hour and over charged the client by an hour. Even with over charging the client my net pay after gas and before taxes was 83 cents. Not even in the realm of reasonable or sustainable. Which explains the hiring policy of the company, four or five new hires a week, which means as many find out each week that they cannot live on what they are paid. My goal was gain some experience and sign offs for my contractor’s license. However when I asked for the sign off they declined, which voided the only reason to continue working there.
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