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chase bank deposit apps. what a joke

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  • chase bank deposit apps. what a joke

    so now with the new android phone that i got 3 weeks ago. i got the chase bank app that allows me to snap a photo front and back and make deposits into my account.

    of course the tv commercials they run make it look simple between all the secondary photos, verifying the account info, deposit info and picture quality, you're lucky if it accepts it after 5 attempts then the emails start flowing stating they made changes. can't see the changes or figure them out. neither can chase

    but to top it all off it gets worse. there is a limit of $1000.00 per business day. meaning if you don't deposit before 9pm est on friday, then you can't deposit again until after 9pm on monday.

    ok. i made adjustments and can live with that.

    but tonight the $hit hit the fan

    there's also a monthly limit of $3000.00 per month so basically after 3 days of 1000.00 limits, you can't use the system for another month

    called them last night to question why all the emails and excessive photos. the c/s rep never even seen their own commercial. was suppose to have a senior supervisor call me today. never did.

    but tonight, with the message that i hit my monthly limit, that's when i lost it.

    the rep tonight really understood my complaint and also told me there was nothing posted about daily or monthly limits. she is having the department manager for this, call me in the morning.

    why spend the millions to run the commercials and set up the system, when realistically, it's pretty much useless for the average person.

    waiting for mr. chase to call me and calm me down

    anyone else thinking of getting this app and using it, think twice

    phoebe it is

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    Re: chase bank deposit apps. what a joke

    I was all excited about my bank allowing me to deposit at an atm machine. You just feed the checks you want to deposit into the machine and it scans a copy of the checks and prints them on a receipt for you,or thats how its suppose to work. A few weeks back I ran a batch of checks through and it didn't give me a receipt and I had no record of who paid me other than my invoice showing the amount and the check said it would be a week before they opened the machine and then they could get me the normal receipt and until then they would give me a receipt showing the total deposit. I responded "Well I understand its not your fault personally but I will no longer be using that service because its not worth the trouble when somthing goes wrong". She understood.

    It would be good for a few large checks into the bank right away...but I'm never running a stack of checks through again.