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  • magnets attract us all

    went to a kitchen stoppage today. the owner of the unit used me 2 years ago on the same stoppage. no c/o and had to snake from inside the cabinet with the k-50 and 5/8'' cable with 4 blade cutter.

    when i finished and turned towards the fridge, my eye spotted 5 fridge magnets of other plumbers and drain cleaning companies.

    of the 5 i knew 3 of them real well.

    either she collects fridge magnets, or she wanted me to know the others failed

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    Re: magnets attract us all

    Maybe she just needed some magnets to hold up the kids' drawings?
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      Re: magnets attract us all

      Most jobs I go to they have five and more plumbing magnets on their fridges I have even gone to clients I have been before where one of my magnets is there fridge and they have looked me up in the local paper and forgot it was on their fridge



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        Re: magnets attract us all

        Yeah, I don't take it personal..Have one neighbor that has a bigger than life local company magnet on their fridge..I always joke and tell em' I'm going to charge double next time I come back if that magnet is still on their fridge..Also I think they just like the magnets ..I got a really good deal on fridge magnets..It looks just like my business card.I give them out like candy to everyone including return customers.If they say they already have one I tell em' to give it to a friend or neighbor
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          Re: magnets attract us all

          Then there's stickers. Around here us pump guys have sticker wars. I wonder what the largest amount of stickers stuck in the same real estate is? I have seen as many as four on top of one another.

          Maybe we should have some kind of stealth de-magnatizer built into our stickers that takes the magnetism out of the others on the Fridge.
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            Re: magnets attract us all

            That would be hilarious.

            Rick, you should get Josh to make some Rick-60 magnets for you. K-60 with your face grinning on it giving a big thumbs up


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              Re: magnets attract us all

              Howzit Rick great thread ,I think you are a great asset to this forum & great plumber ,but i think one should not display customer's personals public.Business ethics is really essential fellow plumbers. Tony.


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                Re: magnets attract us all

                Not sure about the rest of the country, but on the phone books here, the bigger companies PAY to have their magnets attached to the phone book.


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                  Re: magnets attract us all

                  Those magnetic business cards are indeed very handy. I do toss those from unsolicited companies
                  or from those I've had bad experiences with.

                  I have my HVAC magnetic business card on the furnace and the
                  plumber's magnetic card on the water heater.

                  My only gripe is I get a true quality craftsman and then the next time I use them
                  I get "the new guy"...Now to be fair I give the new guy a chance but I really want the
                  same experienced guy to be here as he knows what I have and what has been done etc.

                  Other than the magnetic business cards I rely upon word of mouth and especially those who
                  service the immediate neighborhood.

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                    Re: magnets attract us all

                    My wife hates fridge magnets--won't have anything to do with them. Besides, she has the call memorized. It goes something like this-"HEY YOU, GET UP!!!"