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    Re: I vs We

    I always like to use a combination of both for example: I would like to guarantee xyz that you will be happy with the project or WE will make it right. It means some one is taking ownership for the team effort. That's just my personal opinion and I really enjoyed reading every ones.

    Dan Lawrence


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      Re: I vs We

      Many years ago, my father told me when talking to a customer never say "I" use "We" He said "I" means you yourself are going to do what you say, when you use "We" people feel like you are saying you and the company will be doing what ever it is you are talking about.
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        Re: I vs We

        I show up and I get the work done and I get paid. Do "we" understand that?

        Thats what "I" say. lol


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          Re: I vs We

          We have been we for over 60 years now.


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            Re: I vs We

            I used to use "I" but I started to get in the habit of using "we". It sounds better I think. I want to eventually grow into a company of multiple employees. It sounds better to your employees as well.
            For example I hated when my boss said "my company" or "my trucks" or "my guys". I felt that he gave us no credit because a company is actually the people in it, not just the owner. Employees also help to build the company so everything should be referred to as "we" or "ours" even if the companies assets are legally the owners or shareholders.

            I do think saying we in ads make it sound like you are a more legit company with many available resources to provide services to customers.

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