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Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

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  • Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

    I've been a Spartan fan since the 80's when I bought my first of several 1065's. In addition, I've bought 100's, 300's, a 747 trailer jetter, camera's, locators, and miles of cable. I liked, loved, the on-site service, sometimes same day or within a day or two at most. Parts or repair. Great service.

    Today I was emailed a flyer advertising their new ProVision Touch camera system for only $6895.00. Looked like something I could use.

    As I read all the way through the email, I noticed this at the bottom of the page: "The Spartan Tool's Schedule 56 GSA contract number is #GS-07F-0338X. GSA customers please click here for more information". So, I clicked "here" and was routed to Spartan's GSA page.

    There, I read that "Eligible entities can go directly to the GSA Advantage web site at or the GSA eBuy library at Welcome to GSA eLibrary to view our pre-negotiated prices on line.


    Interesting I thought, so I took a peek.

    $6,252.39 - $642.61 difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE to me.

    Needless to say I was surprised that a company who made its bones off the sweat of loyal Service Plumbers, apparently doesn't give a rats behind about me. A guy who always paid cash and didn't argue about the price. BUT, those days are over.

    My bottom line is that my customers deserve the best value for their money, and so do I. If I don't provide that, then I don't deserve their trust/business.

    Same goes for Spartan or anyone else I'm buying from. If my cash isn't good enough for your best price. I'm shopping elsewhere.

    End of rant. Let the flogging begin.

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    Re: Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

    Its just like Harbor Frieght. There are different sale prices and coupons sent to their varying customers.

    Shopping around will sometimes get you a better deal from the same vendor on the same item. Give those dudes a call and ask them what gives? If you do it right, I bet you can get an even better deal to make it up to you and keep you a happy customer. I have tried that and have had various levels of success, once a 50% markdown, it never hurts to try!
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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      Re: Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

      Arizona Plumber,

      GSA contracts with the government can be very complicated.
      When I manufactured my line of pressure cleaning equipment and jetters in the 90's I had secured a GSA contract.
      One of the first items on the GSA's list of requirements was that they had to receive the best price. The best price meant we had to offer them better prices then all of our end users and dealers received. The easy part was that most of the equipment we sold them was shipped to their location and they set everything up themselves.

      The other issue for the slight difference in your price is that you most likely are dealing with a local salesman that goes out of their way to assist you, and they need to get paid. On top of that there is always a huge amount of overhead that comes with having a well stocked Spartan truck pull up to your location. You also have the advantage of having a Spartan sales representative willing to spend time training you and your staff on your new piece of equipment.

      All can say is, take advantage of these value added services that they offer, and you will see that the 10% difference between wholesale and retail is really not so bad.

      Dan Swede


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        Re: Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

        That makes perfect sense.
        We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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          Re: Re-thinking my tool purchase loyalties.

          we sent our material list or estimates to both hd and ferguson and go with the better bid
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