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building credibility & trust with new customers

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    Re: building credibility & trust with new forum members

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    lets rename this thread.

    building credibility and trust with new forum members

    unfortunately you've failed since day one.

    how is anybody suppose to take you seriously since your first magical post about jetting hoses that you spammed and linked a non existent website.

    Agreed. As a fairly new forum member myself I'm probably the wrong person to comment, but I think everyone's defenses went up from the very first post due to the "money in jetting" username if nothing more.

    Moneybags, I mean this for your good. I like to see new members actively participate, make friends, and become enjoyable people to hang out with on the forums. My advice to you would be to start over. Rathole your "money" username and start afresh with something a little less controversial, then come to the table like an old guy at the coffee shop, bringing a few questions, a few comments, and an occasional factual answer. Lay aside your opinion that you have the last word and are the final authority on every subject. It just doesn't go over too well.

    Why do I take issue with your username? If yours, or mine, or Rick's, or DCMan's, or Asstyme's, or Toolaholic's, or WaterSurgeon's, or anyone else's potential client happens to see someone running around on here gloating of all the money they are raking in by jetting, we all could have a hard time selling jetting to that person. In a service business, every person is a potential client. This is a public forum. Don't turn the public off on jetting and make them think it's just a money-making scam. In the larger realm of public perception and public relations, suffice it to say that you have just simply been coming across wrong, maybe a little arrogant, which could create a public relations hurdle for any of us if we have to deal with a member of the general public who reads this board.

    Also, this may come as a total surprise to you, but you are not the first person to discover jetting. We jet most of the lines we clean. There are a bunch of guys on here that have a ton of experience in jetting, maybe more than you, who knows?

    Face it, not too many new members get a whole thread devoted to trying to figure out what makes them tick. However, it's not too late to calm down and make some changes that would enable you to become a valuable and well-liked member of the forum.

    Your flat-rate seminars have obviously done their job. Now, maybe it's time to move on and start attending public relations courses. Oh, and if you plan to become the ultra-successful businessman you want to be, when you're done with PR 101 sign up for vocabulary, grammar and spelling. You're going to need those too.
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      Re: building credibility & trust with new customers

      Originally posted by money in jetting View Post
      The letter sounds like the very begining of a training seminar for flat rate pricing shops..Seams like everybody likes the ideas listed. For you guys that dont advertise, correct me if im wrong in my impressions. You dont make much money at the end of the year do you? I havnt founf a shop yet thats worth more than there trucks that doesnt advertise.
      I do just fine without advertising. The majority of the members on this forum are small shops, many even most being 1-man shops. You don't have a very big audience for your flat-rate nonsense here. I grow my business the old fashioned way like my family has for 4 generations: I take care of my customers and they take care of me by referring their friends and family to me. Now go away please.


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        Re: building credibility & trust with new customers

        Well, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation over something and split seconds to take it away. That is why you really have to make it a point to watch how things are developing for you and your client.

        It really is important to make them feel that what you are doing is at the maximum of your potential. It is all about looking and sounding professional, and finishing the job to finish it all off.


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          Re: building credibility & trust with new customers

          Thanks to share this important concept. Making long term relationship and credibility with customers is so difficult. It depend upon your service and product that you offer to customer.
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