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    I decided to delete my posts and not contribute any longer.
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    Re: Service Contracts

    Originally posted by TheMaster View Post
    Would you consider selling service contracts? If you wouldn't consider selling them do you still think its a good idea but not for you?

    If you did offer a service contract or if your a consumer who buys service contracts do you consider it reasonable for emergency service covered by the service agreement to be responed to within 24 hrs and non emergency repairs responded to no later than 48 hrs?

    Are these reasonable times?
    A Service Contract, as I understand it, is basically a revenue generator for business'. That's not a bad thing. Sometimes it just feels like something for nothing. But that's me being cheap and thinking for myself and not like the customer. Sometimes I make a mistake and do that.

    I see Service Contracts in this area mostly for HVAC. Not many, if any, for plumbing. For some reason the consumers are much more oriented to go for a Service Contract on their HVAC system. I hear it often. I guess it's because they don't understand the system at all but think they have some basic understanding of their plumbing. They are willing to purchase their HVAC Contract piece of mind for whatever reason.

    Response time? I don't know honestly. Seems like an "emergency" (Must be defined specifically in the contract) might need attention before 24 hours. Or even 18 hours. A person may get pretty angry if they have a major leak, a Service Contract, and the company tells them "We'll have someone there tomorrow before the end of the day...."



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      Re: Service Contracts

      Yeah that might be a good promotion.

      Some try to integrate a yearly inspection into the contract as a selling point. A quick crawl & cabinet inspection, maybe drain a few gallons from the water heater. You know, a sediment purge-not actually turning the valve off. Do this as a selling point of the contract.

      And this inspection does not include any actual work or repair. Just keeping the customer informed and giving piece of mind.

      Never done it myself, but might be a good idea to begin trying.



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        Re: Service Contracts

        In Plumbing, I really don't see a need for contracts, unless maybe sewer cleanings. (my opinion)

        With Heating and A/C...yes.

        We don't offer contracts and probably never will. There is only 2 of us, and when it gets down to one, it would be quite difficult to keep up with service contracts.


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          Re: Service Contracts

          for jetters yes
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