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The interconnectedness of all things...

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  • The interconnectedness of all things...

    I'm sitting here on this fine Labor Day after a long day of shooting wondering where do we go from here?

    I guess a little clarification is in order

    I hang around on a financial site (Stock Market News & Financial Analysis - Seeking Alpha), I call it my smart peoples site because I can barely keep up with a few of the conversations that I stumble around in.

    I guess my point is that I am now of the belief that the financial system that we are used to is changing quickly, I have started seeing the changes in a few of my larger commercial customers and say it is only a matter of time before we all feel the pinch and will have to trim the fat...

    Have you thought about where you can do some trimming in your business to weather a storm?

    Dow will take a 200-300 point nose dive tomorrow

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    Re: The interconnectedness of all things...

    A very good customer of mine is an Investor who has his own firm and is also a Wharton School of business graduate.

    I feel stupid next to this guy when he talks stock market, because he just blows me away with all types of terms and long winded drivel I have no idea about.

    Well the other week he basically said the stock market is done until Obama is out of office. He said you can't continue to pump money into the stock market just to prop it up like Ben Bernanke is doing. That was basically the gist of a 30 minute conversation I had with him...I couldn't wait to get out the door cause my head was spinning.


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      Re: The interconnectedness of all things...

      Okie, I call this my "Smart People's Forum" .

      I've been watching for this perfect storm for years.

      The Dow Means nothing to me (and really shouldn't even to many super-brains) other than waiting for people to panic as it drops, then them cause it to drop to the I can start buying.

      But all of the other signs have been there for a long time.
      Overpayed government employees.
      No GNP to speak of and therefore, no normal circulating tax base.
      An aging population sucking Medicare and Social Security dry.
      Healthcare outrunning inflation by a drastic rate.
      College doing the same.
      The stupid expectation of constantly thinking and expecting the next generation to do better. I call it the "Death Formula" because it is destined to sooner or later fail.
      The dissolution of the traditional American family which is probably the biggest problem not being addressed.
      And now I just read Obama is extending unemployment benefits. How f@$!ing stupid and political is that?

      I got no secrets the smart people like you probably haven't figured out.
      Sell off dead weight, manipulate you insurance as necessary, cut the cable/dish off, do your own mechanic work, etc.

      It's not bad at all yet. Humongous taxes and inflation is coming. I wish all the best.



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        Re: The interconnectedness of all things...

        Well Said JC, I agree our problems are systemic.

        I had a customer recently offer me their Food Stamp "SNAP" Credit Card and Pin Number (buy $200 in groceries for a 100 dollar call) as payment for a mainline clog, I guess this game is common practice now...WTF

        Some things to watch that will effect our bottom lines:

        -Watch the EU and see how the Euro crisis pans out, If Germany bails out Italy / Greece via "austerity measures" it will buy us a little time (12 months at most), Remembering that the to big to fail banks are multinational and they are all exposed to each others problems so if the underlying issues ( spending more then you bring in) are not fixed we all fail.

        -A couple of failed Treasury Auctions and the interest rate will bounce up like a rubber ball, When interest rates start rising batten down the hatches folks we are in for big problems.



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          Re: The interconnectedness of all things...

          i guess 10 propress and 12 seesnakes are all i need until things look up

          but dam, what ever happened to buy low and sell high

          joey, no more shoes and phoebe stop growing out of your clothes so fast. 5 giant diaper boxes in 1 year of small clothes is too much.

          plus a baby brother is not going to wear girly clothes

          especially if their name is piper

          now don't get any ideas. it's just in case 1 day

          phoebe it is


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            Re: The interconnectedness of all things...

            No what was it called quantative easying printing more money and oweing a mere 25 Trillion by 2021 whats a couple of extra trillion dolars on top of what you already owe China won`t mined they already own you now.