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Legal SubContracting?

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    Re: Legal SubContracting?

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    It seems that is a poor definition of "independent contractors". Let's say you have a carpenter doing stairs as piece work. The plans dictate the outcome not the employer. Still by that definition I could see the IRS morphing that into an employee.

    That definition covers all trades and types of work, construction, industrial, business, Mcdonalds, etc. There gray areas in every law, eventually they will try to close the loophole and another way to rip off the govt will come around.
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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      Re: Legal SubContracting?

      I don't care.I pay cash and pay the taxes on what I pay my Legal American citizen,I'm small time.Watch..I'll still get audited while my neighbor pumps thousands of dollars a year into Mexamerica so he doesn't have to mow,vacuum or wipe his own azz.

      All I give a **** about is the hundreds of Billions my country,politician and neighbor alike,is making the non Illegal supporter pay for.

      You tap that and the nation will balance.Only the pig tax dodgers are profiting for luxury as it stands.


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        Re: Legal SubContracting?

        All take it one step further with Insurance,

        Got a call a couple years back from my good friend and insurance broker for some of our policies. He says, "If the underwriter calls and says there sending someone out to audit the company call me and all come to your office and watch them the entire time they are there." I ask him "Why?" He proceeds to tell me this story of another client of his.

        Underwriter called the client, made arrangements to send out an auditor. Auditor shows up a couple days later. Client has nothing to hide so he welcomes the auditor. Auditor is friendly and starts looking through the books etc... As the day progresses he’s chumming up with the girls that work in the front office, and starts asking them about shipping procedures, customer service etc... The questions seemed innocent. Especially when he asked the girls how they handled a customer that needed a small part expedited etc... There answer was if it was small and could be shipped in a shipping envelope or small box, they would just go back to the warehouse and pull the part and expedite the shipment through the front office as part of the customer service.

        Two weeks later the client got an adjusted liability policy bill, to the tune of $40,000.00+.

        When my friend contacted the underwriter they stated that original policy did not classify the front office customer service personal as warehouse personal. The mere fact that they went into the warehouse, pulled parts, (no matter the size) reclassified them as warehouse personal.