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do not ask ridgid for business advice!

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  • do not ask ridgid for business advice!

    For business to grow and stay in business . You must take care of your customers. If you have a warranty , honor it ! Don't treat your customers like they are stupid ! Sending a customer the smallest battery for warranty instead of the long run time batteries they turned in for warranty. Or telling the customer that it is the service providers fault because they order all the correct part numbers for each part . Or in my case , ridgid tells me that my service provider is to blame because my drill and impactor have been sitting on there shelf waiting for "back ordered" parts. Then ridgid does the switch , and says well you need to contact home depot its there fault! Im sorry but good customer relations is the key to doing good business! Not giving hard working paying customers the run around with there hard earned money on the line !!!!!! Thank you for your time. Tom j. From Detroit...

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    Re: do not ask ridgid for business advice!

    So far, any problems I have had with my Ridgid equipment have been handled well. But I can see how once they mass market thru HD it causes its own set of problems. I hope it works out for you.