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  • Business Insurence

    I'm going to talk to my insurance agent tomorrow about getting my policy started, but was wondering what kinds and how much insurance I should be carrying for a drain cleaning business. I will not be dealing with jetter work right away just cable, and will be doing no plumbing untill I finish up my apprenticeship.

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    Re: Business Insurence

    as much liability as you can afford.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: Business Insurence

      I got 2000000$ I think.


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        Re: Business Insurence

        Your rates are based on your years of experiance and years in business.

        I know that I have to shop around as it's a game with insurance companies/ brokers. Water damage is a big insurance concern. Also what type of customer you work for, building's you work in too.

        As your insurance history goes up, your rates should come down.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Business Insurence

          Another thing you guys dont have license too, bloody insurance. What we need is a Pied Piper to come down here and take this disease on society and dump them where they belong, not on this earth. Mind you we need to take all of the lawyers/ambulance chasers and do similar.
          Insurance has become a sport for some of us. It is all about negotiation. Funny story, a few years ago i was chasing renewal(never had a single claim in 30+++years mind you) and had to explain to non Australian that roofs on buildings were like basketball courts, fenced off or at least had barriers that generally stop you from going over the edge. So she was going to exclude roof cover because I wasnt allowed over 5 storeys. Company hire idiots here who understand statistics, not occupations.
          We have to have insurance to work. Called Plumbers Liability Insurance. Was originally supposed to be made up of 4 parts. Public Liability, product liability, Professional Indemnity and I think a component to protect the consumer should we totally stuff up or something. Now normally the Dog(the Governement) wags his tail(usually us through obedience to law) but the Scum Companies have rorted the system with their Lawyer mates and turned it aroung to them being the tail that wags the dog.
          W have insurance for two main reasons, legislation and fear. legislation because we have to and fear because everyone is looking for a free train ride in the form of a massive law-suit and subsequent pay-out. It is not about right or wrong, it is about the Industry created by Lawyers and Insurance Companies.
          I carry 20million Public Liabilty which costs p for plenty but I have little option.
          If you are giving advice, start with "In my opinion I think that .......... " . Never guarantee unless you can prove what you say and hope that you can eventually send the Insurance Companies packing. Whatever you do get advice befoer you sign and look at whta they are not covering before you look at what they are covering. Always remember that they need your money and they are all whores to the dollar. Negotiate and you be the Dog, not the tail.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!