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    Most of the other forum threads talk about subjective opinions that are hard to always quantify. Remodeling Magazine, the premier industry trade magazine just published a story titled I Love Angie (NOT). I exposed an area pertaining to contractor agreeing to THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS which in my opinion, can really make it hard on a contractor for their own website lead generation efforts.

    The story is based on contractor’s love-hate relationship with the world’s biggest player. It begins with “There is a thicket of ethical and practical issues that cause contractors to be wary, frustrated, and angry with Angie’s List”.

    Contractors spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with lead generation companies or Ratings and Review sites who are simply absorbing the local leads the contractor can get themselves with a little effort. The money isn’t what bothers me the most; it is many Terms and Conditions that can hurt a contractor which they may not understand.”

    The principle of a lead generation or Ratings & Review company, especially years ago when contractors where less tech friendly was a good concept. But now there is absolutely no reason why a contractor cannot get leads, good or bad, directly to their own website. There is absolutely no reason why a contractor cannot use their own website to promote good testimonials and reviews without helping others grow their business websites. AND THERE ARE METHODS FOR A CONTRACTOR TO REFUTE A BAD REVIEW WITHOUT NEEDING TO AGREE TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS they may not really agree to.

    And I always welcome one of these companies to offer their own perspectives to help clarify if I am in deed wrong in my perceptions of the Terms and Conditions that can be viewed as rather strong and one sided.

    Here is access to the story plus some other really good online reviews and website topics.

    News, Press Releases, ServusXchange > MyOnlineToolbox Featured in Remodeling Magazine

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