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I saved the day with my jetter

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  • I saved the day with my jetter

    Thank you Rick, you saved the "DAY". You will be doing my hydro jetting from now on.

    1 of 3 jetting jobs yesterday in the rain. this particular property was flooding as both garage sump pumps share the same 2'' no hub discharge line that runs approx. 175' from the emergency drain sump pit to the curb penetration. I was called by another plumbing contractor to see if I can get the line open since they had already tested the pumps

    I get there at 4:30 in the middle of a downpour and determine that the 2'' line runs flat and the exit through the curb is shared with other drain lines. so jetting from the curb was not going to happen. back the jetter up to the lower garage entry and disconnect it from the van so cars can still pass in and out of the large condo building and not run over my hoses. used my 1/4'' hose with screwdriver nozzle and crank it up to 4400#. out comes the mud, gravel and water. then my nozzle wants to get lodged. worked it back and forth and managed to pull out a rock the size of a golf ball. the rock with other gravel lodged in the line and blocked the 2'' pipe that runs pretty flat. this line hasn't seen rain in close to 9 months. so everything just solidified. where the large rock came from who knows. but I managed to get it flowing and put all back together and still make it to my 6pm dinner with friends. just a little late and a lot wet from the 3 outside drain jobs on the wettest day in years.

    so now this property management company knows I do jetting.

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    phoebe it is