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    Sounds familiar.

    phoebe it is


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      Word of mouth is the way to go, I don't mind paying high as long as I'm getting a reasonable effort and superior quality. Nothing is worse than paying high and getting crap.

      Had a HAVAC contractor come out to trouble shoot 24v controls at but he tried to sell me a replacement system. He came out ill prepared like he rolled out of bed and quickly lost interest in trouble shooting. I paid him for his trouble and moved on. The next guy who was wom recomended nailed it within a hour and coasted for the next 2 hours checking everything and making a couple of tweaks. I knew enough about his work that it made sense to me what he was doing,I'll keep him.

      Our roofer is a champ also who does more than he has to, polite, timely and works clean and I've already referred him to others.

      I had a couple other trades come out but they either showed up late if at all, did not know or put in practice trade fundamentals yet wanted very high hourly rates, I get not leaving money on the table but come on now.

      Sure pretty much everybody wants cheap, but there are many that do get that it takes what it takes and if you give your customers what they're paying for, if your on time, do clean work and don't try to stiff them you will always get requested and recomended. I was assigned to work exclusively for one customer for almost 15 years, it was a great run until they sold out, the next owner just wanted cheap but that's changing after a few years, they are slowly coming back.

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        Hello_ welcome)


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          We use Home Advisor. They don't charge users for using the website like Angie's List does