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    Hey wondering what some of you "one man shops" do for advertising. What works for you. Right now it's just word if mouth & I'm on a local message board & kijiji. I stay pretty busy, but I just find I get alot of rubbish calls espically from kijiji. I was thinking of or yellow pages or something like that to get more customers I could "value".

    Thx in advance.

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    While I can't speak for others, I go to the yellow pages. Find a place there and then ask around. I'm getting old and realize that there's a considerable difference in how things are done today. Growing up with a plumber for a father and seeing how things were done then and now sort of leaves me with a slanted view. Here in our area I see a couple of heating and plumbing firms advertise on TV all the time. Those advertisements I know cost a fortune and that gets passed on to the customers. When I bought this house 12 or so years ago, I solicited quotes from a couple of them and frankly they were outlandishly above the common trades people.

    Likewise, I take notice of other things too. Like the guy who pulls into my driveway with a brand new truck, that looks like it just came off the showroom floor and the leather seats look like only him and his girlfriend ever occupy the cab. His price was four times what the real plumber quoted me and I notice the real plumbers truck looked like he'd done quite a bit of business from it. The former had a big story about what he saw and what I needed to pay for replacing. The real plumber came in, made notes, pointed out a couple of things and, on my questions from the previous guy, answered honestly and explained why I didn't need to do that.

    So I think you need to get your name out there (Yellow pages), name on your truck, and better than anything perhaps a good name with your previous customers. Oh, and keep cards to hand out for anyone who you encounter and asks about your services. Oh yeah, advertise in your local community pennysaver news or whatever too.

    I'm not a plumber and your area may be different. But I do have experience with plumbers and as a longtime home owner, I find reputation is everything, as are the impressions you leave with people. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of young guys (and old too) who really know their stuff, but as a buyer I have to be assured that the guy I hire is going to do a good job and charge me fairly (BTW, when the price quoted to me seems too low, I don't hesitate to question it... I don't want anybody to loose money on a job I need done.) Today, I don't shop around unless there's some new challenge. I have a great plumber and an electrician that I know I can count on. Once a customer has that, there's no reason to look elsewhere.

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      I was at the market today and noticed a plumber that has a decal on the front corner of the la times. He's advertising $79.00 for a stoppage.

      Of course that is not.realistic out here because if he's lucky, he will get to 6 jobs in a day. So $79. Is an invitation to get into your house and upsell you. First is the toy machine, then possibly the jetter or camera , then the liner.

      There's a sucker born everyday and these companies cater to them.

      phoebe it is


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        $79 with clean out and up to 75' of cable. If no proper clean out or it's 76'+ watch out

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      I picked up a good trick from a friend who has 30 yrs in the biz and spends zero on advertisement other than flyers and business cards. Every time he finishes a job he leaves a flyer and card on the neighbors across and next to the house he was working on. If you don't like the neighborhood just don't leave any.


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        Any of you one man shops on yellow pages.
        Do you guys see results.?


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          We have 100 employees and the owner feels that social media has replaced the yellow pages and is no longer worth the cost. I don't Facebook or Twitter nor will I ever but if I were to guess for better or worse, that's word of mouth in a sense.