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Scheduling/dispatch/invoice/payment software for 4 van drain cleaning company

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  • Scheduling/dispatch/invoice/payment software for 4 van drain cleaning company

    Hi all! Sorry for abandoning the forum but I needed less computer screen time in my life. Now I need some advice so I'm coming back to the best place I know to get it.

    A while ago we made the leap from grocery bag of receipts to quickbooks. Now have grown enough that writing paper invoices and entering to qb has become intolerable.

    I'm looking at different ideas for a scheduling/dispatch/invoicing/payment receiving solution as a front end to qb.

    Considering service fusion, service trade, mhelpdesk, verizon(formerly fleetmatics) work, housecall pro. they all seem very similar.

    Anyone use any of these? love? hate? horror stories for any?

    Got a different one you really like?

    Thanks all!
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    Were in the same boat


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      I'm not in the States, but took a quick look & there are tons of options that one could spend weeks, if not months trying out.

      With so so many options, its easy to get bogged down.

      If you are happy with Quickbooks, the Housecall Pro is highly rated with hundreds of positive reviews & looks really good for service contractors as well as integrating with QB & you can take card payments.

      Only thing is, you may not want your customers to use their APP as there's a few complaints about scalping customers directly.


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        I use Skyboss, best investment so far.
        Inexpensive compared to the competitors
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          We use RazorSync, it has its issues but for what we do it works well all cloud based, so can access anywhere. Average about 20+ total service calls that come in a day with currently about 11 techs.