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  • work van etiquette

    What are you guys thoughts on "vaping" in a company van? Most of us would never let an employee smoke a cigarette in a van, right? I know vaping doesn't come with the smell, and damage to the vehicle but the aesthetic drives me nuts. Am i unreasonable by not allowing my employees to vape in our vans? I know they are my vans i can make any rules i want but is it really a big deal?

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    I will not work with smokers or vapers, I won't allow them on any projects. Its nothing personal but I found that smokers gotta get that fix every so often which wasn't fair to the guys that go hard all day.

    We get paid a fair wage, the man should get a fair effort. Your either smoke or work, it's an easy choice for me.


    • Aaron ODougherty
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      cool. thanks for the reinsurance that not allowing them to vape is the right thing.

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    Some of that vap chit smells worse than cig smoke.


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      Look up "wet lung" and see what you can get into. The moisture used in the mixture can form droplets in your lungs and lead to infection, a lot of molds that are not easily treatable.