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    What are you guys thoughts on "vaping" in a company van? Most of us would never let an employee smoke a cigarette in a van, right? I know vaping doesn't come with the smell, and damage to the vehicle but the aesthetic drives me nuts. Am i unreasonable by not allowing my employees to vape in our vans? I know they are my vans i can make any rules i want but is it really a big deal?

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    I will not work with smokers or vapers, I won't allow them on any projects. Its nothing personal but I found that smokers gotta get that fix every so often which wasn't fair to the guys that go hard all day.

    We get paid a fair wage, the man should get a fair effort. Your either smoke or work, it's an easy choice for me.


    • Aaron ODougherty
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      cool. thanks for the reinsurance that not allowing them to vape is the right thing.

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    Some of that vap chit smells worse than cig smoke.


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      Look up "wet lung" and see what you can get into. The moisture used in the mixture can form droplets in your lungs and lead to infection, a lot of molds that are not easily treatable.


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        Your decision is reasonable. Vaping is increasingly being understood by scientists to be a greater health risk than smoking tobacco.
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          I totally agree with Mightyservant! While I was not in the plumbing business as a career, I did work several years with my Dad back in the late 50's and early 60's. In my adult life I worked a lot of different jobs before I settled into an industrial floor and office environment. There are a lot of nasty habits that people have, but in any work situation that I ever had, you leave those habits at home... smoking, drinking, chewing (and spitting) all included.

          We used to have a smoking problem at work, but it denounced almost by everyone, and soon was banned. The company I worked for at the time spent a lot of money on "stop smoking" programs, but there were always those who persisted. AND, you are absolutely right, that smokers waste a lot of time on the job. I used to argue that no body would pay me to take a beer, reading, candy, or any other kind of break several times a day, but smokers always seem to need it.

          Vaping is a ridiculous habit and I was just bitching about that this after noon. We were slowed up in traffic and the guy in front of us was vaping. The heavy smoke (or vapor, if you want to call it that) coming out of his side window was ridiculously heavy, much more than a cigarette would have been, and it absolutely stunk, even a car lengths space between us didn't help much.

          If it was my business, my truck there's no way I'd want that. Nor would I want any of my customers exposed to it. If you've got the habit, most likely you don't have the manners to refrain from it when on the job, especially in the presence of others.



          • Mightyservant
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            With a few exceptions I don't allow mobile phones either. Unless your wife is likely going into labor or you need to close on a house or your mother needs you to bring home a milk and eggs your not going to have a phone on your person, is has to be in your lunch or gang box.

            When you have crews that are no nonsense and take a workmanlike attitude each and every day then and only then can there be some flexibility because those men get "it" and don't abuse their privileges.

            There has been a number of times when we have been extremely busy and the only men left were those who had poor personal or work habits. Rather that put up with nonsense, we will work fewer men longer hours until we get through the busy period.

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          I dont let anyone with tightie whities work for me, it bunches up their do dads and the dont work as fast, plus they spend all that time pulling them out of their crack leaving less time for work... We should start a list that the people who make us money cant do. I will start it off and you can copy /paste and add your favorite to the end...

          1. No politics
          2 No religion
          3 No smoking
          4 No Tats
          5 No piercings
          6 No Drugs
          7 No Alcohol
          8 No chewing tabacy
          9 No weird hair
          10 No loud music
          11 No Phones
          12 No Whitie tighties
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          • PLUMBER RICK
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            Greg, who checks on #12. I'm with you on most if it's actually enforceable, but #12 would be interesting to enforce or legal?

            Don't worry, I go commando?


          • greg755
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            I was being sarcastic. I didn't have rules about any of those things when I hired guys. My thought was I don't give a crap what you do, as long as you didnt do in front of a customer or do it while we were billing the customer.. Also if it makes you late/miss a day or you show up looking asking stupid you will probably be fired.
            So basically I dont care if you get drunk at night or on the weekend just don't show up drunk or looking/smelling drunk. Just like cigs - cant go on a smoke break and ya cant smoke during a customers job... But I don't care if you have a cig in the van to and from work.
            The rest of the stuff... if I hired you then I must be ok with it. I dont hire people then tell them they have to cut their beard or do this or do that to fit in... If they know what they are doing and they do an honest days work Im a pretty happy camper.
            With that being said if a customer called and said. I don't like the smell of cigs or I don't like tats... then I tell the employee he cant go on that job per customers request. But to be honest with you 99.8% of the people just want their problem solved, so unless your employee is WAY over the top your not going to get the call. Now granted there are some customers that just want to complain about anything and everything but I weed them out from the customer list pretty quickly... I learned early on that I just cant make every one happy... JMHO
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          Work van etiquette is straight forward. Clean ,organized truck. No mess,no slop,no crap all over the dashboard. Smoking I dont really care. Look presentable, clean appearance, no ketchup, mustard stains on your shirt ...Shower everyday...carry mints and gum if needed.. Represent the company and yourself well.