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    Long story short,I might be walking away from my shop...I've worked for myself for the last 10 years...I usually run 3 or so calls a day and generate between 90k and 110k on paper..Paying myself around 70 k for the year...Work has always been consistent but I'm looking to be home more and have the benefits for my family ,retirement ect...This shop gave me an offer that I'm having a very hard time refusing...Basically the business has no debt except for a new cargo van ,for the most part it would just be my phone number,clientele name ect....I would offer it to the shop I'll be working for but they dont service those question is how would I go about selling it? Getting a correct value? What's it worth? How do I go about trying to trying to find interest?

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    It's said some business particularly construction related are worth no more than the assets of the company like vehicles, equipment tools etc. Client list value can be a little more cloudy and only you really can understand the true value overall. You should have a number that you want and think is fair and stick to it.

    Are you looking to reduce the time managing your business and looking to work for someone else to have more normal hours?


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      Kind of... having more home time for around the same pay if not better,9 hours a day,5 days a business headaches .just show up ,go to work and go home...