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  • False Advertising

    Why does Ridgid falsely represent the horsepower's on their vacuums?

    A 5 hp motor draws 53 amps at 120 volts.

    Ridgid advertises a 6.5 hp motor that draws 12 amps.

    They call it peak horsepower. I call it false advertising.

    Does Ridgid also sell perpetual motion machines?

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    It is a problem with the entire industry. Ridgid is just advertising as all others do. The compressor guys got into class action lawsuit trouble so they seem to have changed their tune a bit. Wanna buy a router? 3.5HP and yet it only draws 15A and is way smaller then my 3/4 HP drill press motor, but again it is peak HP.
    I believe most universal motor machines (the kind that scream) are rated in peak HP which IIRC is defined as the max HP the motor delivers when going from full tilt boogie to dead stop load stall in the blink of an eye and the motor is destroyed in the process.
    It is kinda like Sears Watts, you really think that stereo puts out 100W / channel and weights less than 2 lbs?


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      Good answer. Pretty much, any appliance with a HP rating is technically inaccurate. But, if they are all using the same bloated ruler to measure their products (as in, the industry as a whole), then comparing similar tools is still possible.

      The same goes for inverters. They always advertise the peak watts of an inverter, but the true continuous rating is always significantly lower (and in significantly smaller print).


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        Yep, over bloating is a key part of the game when selling to consumers. There really "ought to be a law", but I don't think that will ever happen. If you think it's bad in the tool industry, just take a look at the food commercials, the picture on the box, or the sign in your local fast food restaurant. Has anyone ever bought a burger or filet that looked like what they are advertising?

        At least the tools look as good in hand as they do out of the box, but those numbers are more for comparison than they there are for meaningful accuracy.



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          Originally posted by tkb

          Does Ridgid also sell perpetual motion machines?
          Yep and I'm the exclusive distributor. How many ya want? LOL
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