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Comcast and download quotas

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  • Comcast and download quotas

    Comcast has announced that they will implement download quotas for users of 250GB per month. That sounds like a lot but what all is counted as downloaded by you?

    When you use their web-based email access they push as much junk at you as AOL. Will all those graphics and flash files and other garbage will (if counted) be counted in your quota? That hardly seems fair as I never asked for that cr*p to begin with. What about the new HD movie download services that are starting to spring up? DO you think they might hurt Comcasts' bottom line if you are not subscribing to premium channels and downloading movies instead?

    I think that is what is at the bottom of this whole quota scheme. They don't want you buying movies off of Amazon using your TiVo or getting movies from Netflix or the other outfits coming online. To make this work they need to get it in place BEFORE analog TV goes away. Why, because the bandwidth requirements for analog TV are much greater than digital, so when analog TV is gone they will have greater bandwidth. How can they justify imposing quotas or raising rates if additional capacity is made available by switching to 100% digital? Would be a tough sell don't ya think?
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    Re: Comcast and download quotas

    I would assume it is raw input/output bytes on the line; so everything is included. When I work from home, I probably use 1-2GB/day. If I don't, then it is probably only 500MB-1GB. (I know because of my VPN counter). I assume that my wife uses just as much; and she is home everyday. That would put us around 75GB.

    I don't know how much my Tivo uses now; but I don't rent from Amazon. If they made it all you can eat for a flat fee, like Netflix, I definitely would.

    I wonder if caps will start being a differentiator between Cable and FIOS.


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      Re: Comcast and download quotas

      Actually if you want to know the reason behind the quotas it all has to do with P2P file sharing. Comcast and others throttled bandwidth to slow most P2P sharing traffic to a trickle claiming a small percentage of users hogged their network bandwidth and they need to do it to preserve good network performance for all other users. Then the FCC gets involved and says it's illegal for them to arbitrarily discriminate against specific types of network traffic. The idea of the quotas is to supposedly force file sharers to cut down on their network use.

      I think quotas are an idea that will probably meet a quick death.
      You are right that with use like (legal) movie and audio downloads and media heavy web browsing alone increasing so fast, a 250GB cap is a joke.


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        Re: Comcast and download quotas


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          Re: Comcast and download quotas

          I'm pretty disgusted with Comcast.
          They're rediculously expensive just for basic services, I keep checking to see when Fios will be available in my area.
          As soon as it is...seeya Comcast.


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            Re: Comcast and download quotas

            I live in a remote area about 20 miles west of Tucson. for years the only internet service choice I had was either dial up or sprint Broadband, which used an old wireless (microwave) cable antenna to broadcast.

            I loved that sprint service, speed was greater than anything I could imagine, and I am guilty of downloading.

            About 5 months ago spring sent me a letter stating I had 90 days to find a new service. for the first 30 days I thought it was just because of my downloading, but in reality spring chose to close its doors in the Tucson area, so I was forced to look for a new provider.

            I had the same options dial up or this time Sat. You see I am too far off the grid for DSL, or cable. There are 2 sat. providers both limit usage, just like the cable companies.

            but doing more research a found another wireless provider through my power company. This provider also has an antenna on top of my house, but the antenna is called a radio, inside the house instead of a modem, it uses a router.

            I must say the service sucks, it is slower than Sprint and I signed up for the 1gig service. The router constantly gets backed up, I assume because it is not intended to be used as a modem. I I have to unplug it and wait 5 min before continuing.

            The only good part is I am not limited to any download size per month.

            by the way P2P is pretty much dead, now direct links are used through sites such as Rapidshare (Switzerland),meagshare, and many others. for a small fee your downloads are unlimited without waiting.

            The difference on a P2P service is waiting for someone to share, then waiting for the file or movie to be sent from the senders computer to yours.

            On Sprint I could download a full length movie ( 1.30 min) in about 10 min, with the service I have now it may take 45 - 60 min for the same movie